International Women’s Day New PS4 Theme Is Available For Free

If you guys didn’t know that today is the International Women’s Day, well we won’t be judging you, but the thing is we have something interesting for the PlayStation 4 users. Although particularly women may find this interesting, again, not judging men who can find it interesting. PlayStation has released today a free New PS4 theme to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The background image of the theme is also available for you to glimpse at, while the design features multiple characters from some of the famous game titles as well as some upcoming games. The design features Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross from the Uncharted series, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Kara from the upcoming Detriot: Become Human, Ellie from The Last of Us and the little pink creature from Dreams.

This New PS4 Theme to celebrate International Women’s Day was designed and drawn by Media Molecule artist Maja Lisa Kehlet who is currently working on an upcoming game known as Dreams. Dreams is a sandbox video game being developed and published by Media Molecule for PlayStation 4. The game is scheduled to release sometime this year.

Talking about the PlayStation 4, the Update 5.50 has rolled out for the base model and for PlayStation 4 Pro. The Update seems to have brought a lot of new features and some improvements but the most anticipated and awaited thing that was expected in this Update is still missing.

Yes the PSN name change is still not present in the Patch notes of the update. Let hope they plan to include it sometime soon. While we wait for that a really interesting rumor has been floating around, it seems like PlayStation 5 is in the making. According to industry insider Marcus Sellars, PS5 dev kits are out to a third party developers.

That’s an exciting news, that said do check out the New PS4 Theme to celebrate International Women’s Day.