New COD Black Ops 4 Is All But Confirmed, Black Ops 3 Leaker Joins The Fray

Call of Duty has an old history with the viral marketing campaigns for them and there is nothing new about that. Recent rumors and leaks have had many wondering about the COD’s next Black Ops game. While most of the fans are also wondering how James Harden has been able to wear that hat and let everyone know about Black Ops 4 others are asking the bigger questions. Like does this mean that the New COD Black Ops 4 is more near than we actually think?

Logically the only thing that would make sense is that the hat had been provided by Activision on purpose. Like mentioned before COD community is no strange to the strategies of viral marketing.

If you guys remember this is not the first time it has happened, back in the days when Black Ops 3 was underway public found a shirt of Back Ops 3 worn by Cody Simpson and Indiana Pacers center, Roy Hibbert before it officially got announced.

This is not the only reference that has surfaced regarding the next COD to be Balck Ops 4. Very recently a rumor came from an industry insider, Marcus Sellars, who claimed that Call Of Duty 2018 will be Black Ops 4 and shall launch on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Even if these occurrences are not enough to point out the inevitable then you should know that very recently on social media this Black Ops thing has been creating a lot of hype. A Tweet regarding it was made from a Twiter account “TheGamingRevolution” said that the guy who leaked the COD Black Ops 3 Snowblind event has said that there are some big things coming our way.

With that said, recently we have had Kotaku also confirm that the new Black Ops game is underway. They are pretty much confident on their sources.

Although at the moment, these are most of the references that point out the forthcoming of the New COD Black Ops 4. All the while until the developers or publishers roll out some real information we cant be certain.

If you want to wait for the official word we would suggest you to, keep seated because we might be hearing about it within few weeks.