Next COD DLCs May Roll Out For Xbox Early, Vonderhaar’s Avatar Change Is Stirring Reactions

Very recently David J. Vonderhaar the developer of Call Of Duty changed his avatar to Xbox and that has got most of the fans to speculate that does this mean that COD DLCs will be rolling out early for Xbox users. Does this also mean that Treyarch the developers of the game have struck a new deal with Microsoft regarding the DLCs and Tournaments?

Most of the fans are now speculating that probably Microsoft will be organizing the Call of duty tournaments. Although it is very early to say something about it, still fans are reacting pretty strange to this. Like we have a fan who goes by the name “Glitching Queen” made a Tweet recently that seems to give hype to this matter more than it would originally have had.

She exclaims a big no, to David J. Vonderhaar’s change of avatar to Xbox, with that reaction she said that she knew something like this might happen. She seems really heartbroken over this change of avatar. At the moment we would advise the fans to not worry just yet, unless and until we hear any official news regarding this by either of the parties we shouldn’t break a sweat.

Vonderhaar is the studio design director for the video game company Treyarch whom you know is responsible for Call of Duty games. Due to that fans are connecting this with Microsoft back in control for the COD.

Another issue regarding this is that if it turns out to be true then will COD DLCs be prioritizing Xbox first? that is the biggest concern for the CODs fans. While the on social media there seems to be a split opinion among fans.

All the while, this should strictly be taken as a rumor and nothing more. With that said we have another rumor that has also captured a lot of audiences. What it suggests is that there is a possibility that we might be getting a Call of Duty World At War Remastered this year.

Let us hope that everything works out for the better and these rumors get dealt with.