Hellboy Creator Assures That Movie Reboot Will Be Very Comic-Accurate

The upcoming Hellboy reboot remains in the shadows for the time being but one aspect that fans should have no concerns about is the faithful adaptation of the original comic books.

Speaking with EW in a recent interview, creator Mike Mignola not only vouched for director Neil Marshall but also assured that the third installment will be very accurate to the source materials.

In comparison to the first two movie installments, Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), he revealed himself to be much more creatively involved this time around. Mignola has always spoken highly of how Guillermo del Toro handled his beloved franchise but the reboot will be stepping it up a notch.

It’s funny, because my involvement has been very different than the Del Toro movies. The difference is I had known Del Toro for six years by the time we did the first movie. Neil I met a couple months before he worked on the movie. It was very different, but I have been involved ever since they said ‘Hey we’re gonna make another Hellboy movie, and we’re gonna do this story.’ I’ve bounced back and forth with them about how to adapt this particular Hellboy story. At various times I’ve jumped in and been much more active in the screenplay than I ever was on the Del Toro movies. But I did nothing so far as design stuff on the movie. Guillermo wanted me as a concept artist, but on this movie, there were other concept artists. I came in and I looked at some stuff, but they were trying to do something so close to what’s on the comics that they really leaned on what had been done by Duncan [Fegredo] and me in the comics.

The Hellboy reboot is said to be much darker and more R-rated than the first two movies. The story will focus on Hellboy (David Harbour) locking horns with Nimue, the Blood Queen, (Milla Jovovich) in an epic battle that will bring about the end of the world. The setting has been covered in the comic books over the course of three miniseries (Darkness Calls, The Wild Hunt, and The Storm and Fury).

The new Hellboy is expected to open in theaters on January 11, 2019.