Final Fantasy 15 Armiger Unleashed Guide – How To Get, Royal Arms

Final Fantasy 15 Armiger Unleashed is quite an exciting prospect in the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy 15. It will unlock a completely new phase for your Armiger and upgrade all of your attacks; sort of like having a brand-new Armiger which is much better than your last one. It also looks amazing on you, so what is the harm in getting it, right?

This Final Fantasy 15 Armiger Unleashed Guide will tell you the step-by-step process through which you will be able to get the Armiger Unleashed for yourself. Everything will be covered including where to find the accessory.

Final Fantasy 15 Armiger Unleashed

Most of the players who get this Armiger usually do it after they have played Chapter #15 and finished the game once but it is possible to access the Armiger as soon as you have all 13 of the Royal Arms in your possession.

Find and collect all 13 of the Royal Arms. Once you have all of them, you need to head on over to Keycatrich Trench. On your map, go above the location which is right on the north side of the letter ‘K’ on your map to find a statue there. From here on, you can begin the process of acquiring the Armiger Unleashed.

How to Use Armiger Unleashed?

At the statue, all you need is to press X. This will begin a short cutscene and you will be given the accessory known as ‘Founder King’s Sigil’ at the end of the cinematic. Now all you need to do is to have this sigil as an accessory in one of your slots. This will make your Armiger become Armiger Unleashed and you will be able to use a host of the benefits that come with the accessory.

To use the Armiger Unleashed mode, you need to ensure that your Armiger Bar is full and then press L1 and R1 together. This will transform you into the Armiger Unleashed mode and you will be able to utilize its fullest potential. This will get you new combos as well which are quite easy and simple to do. Simply press ‘Circle’ a few times until your character starts flashing blue or silver and then press the triangle button.

These combos also have different variations that can be done in mid-air. The process is the same, all you need to do is to be soaring through the air and your character will do the specific variant of the move.

Armiger Unleashed also has a tutorial where you can practice all of the new moves that are available at your disposal. Make sure you save your game and then head over to the pause menu and select tutorial. Here, find the option which has the Armor Unleashed mode on for you and select it to start practicing.

That is all we have for our Final Fantasy 15 Armiger Unleashed Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!