Toxic Players to be Hit With a Ban Hammer in Rainbow Six Siege

Toxic players is a term that is becoming a trend if not less, especially on the online platform, it seems to be shaping up pretty strong. Every day numerous players get reported on using hate speech. Ubisoft is planning to take a bold step regarding this specific matter for Rainbow Six Siege.

If you remember Overwatch has been having a lot of Toxicity reports and in order to control those toxic players Blizzard is prepping an update for the online game.

Now, Ubisoft has revealed that they too will be implementing an upgrade system for banning players who use hate speech in Rainbow Six Siege matches. The developers have said that from now on they will be tracking how often players are reported using hate speech and based on the severity of their reports the ban shall take place.

The ban will be ranging from 2 days for the lighter use of profanity to permanent for the most egregious offenders. Also if you get banned, Ubisoft will tell you the reasons for the ban, unlike some other titles. They will certainly let you know that you have been banned due to toxicity.

According to Ubisoft, this does not end here especially for Rainbow Six Siege. This is the first step in the series of future measures that are planned in order to control those toxic players. The developers have clearly specified that use of language that promotes or practices racism, sexism, homophobia, and harassment in the tactical shooter game will certainly be dealt with without any tolerance.