Why Did People Not Upgrade To The Apple iPhone X? Here Is What You Need To Know

Apple iPhone X was marketed as the most innovative phone that the company had brought to market in years and while that might be the case, we don’t see the Apple iPhone X selling like previous iPhones did. You can understand why the iPhone 8 did not make much of a difference, people were anticipating the Apple iPhone X and wanted to wait. Plus there was not much of a difference in design or features.

Why Did People Not Upgrade To The Apple iPhone X?

1500 iPhone users were asked to comment about this and the following are the results that indicate why people did not move on to the Apple iPhone X.

Current Phones Are Working Fine

So why did people not switch to the new Apple iPhone X when it came out? It seems that the major reason was that older phones were working without any issues. While this is great for iPhone credibility, it seems that this also affects sales. We have heard about Apple slowing down phones, doing that makes good sense keeping in mind 44% people said that their current phone worked fine and that is why they did not upgrade to the Apple iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X Is Just Too Expensive

Paying $1000 for a smartphone is not something that everyone can do and you can imagine that there were plenty of people that were not willing to dish up that money. Out of 1500 people, 31% people said that the iPhone X was just too expensive.

Apple iPhone X Is Too Small

People are used to larger displays and 8% of the people said that the Apple iPhone X was just not big enough and that they wanted more screen real estate. You can check out the exact details here.

We have been getting reports about the upcoming iPhone models and it seems that there will be three versions coming out. There will be a plus version that will most likely be the most expensive of the lot. There will also be an upgraded version of the same device that will succeed the iPhone X. We have also been getting reports of a version that will be cheaper in price and will have most of the features of the flagship smartphone.

If this is indeed true then Apple will be catering to two of the major concerns that people have had, the size and the price. It will be interesting to see how well the upcoming plus model does. The iPhone 6 plus sold millions of units when it first came out as the size was increased and Apple also introduced a new design in the market. It is possible that the same will be the case with the Apple iPhone X.

Let us know what you think about the Apple iPhone X and whether or not you would be interested in getting if the size was increased and the price went down.