Sony San Diego Drops The Online Franchise Mode For MLB The Show 18

The major league baseball game MLB The Show 18 is scheduled to roll out this march. While all the fans have good expectations and are anxiously waiting for the online mode of the game, we have some news that may disappoint you guys. Very recently Sony San Diego made an announcement on their official website regarding the game that they have dropped the online franchise mode.

What this means is that the online franchise mode of  MLB The Show 18 will not be coming the game. The main reason for the changes is the adjustment made in the game’s network code. Apparently, it was revamped in order to avoid the online issues that had been plaguing the series for several games.

The studio said that they had a lot of thought on the matter and after long and thorough discussions they have decided to drop the Online Franchise for the game MLB The Show 18. According to them, they have done this in order to place priority on the stability and speed of their online infrastructure for the concerned Title.

They further added that this decision was not a simple or an easy one and they do understand that some of the fans will not be happy with this decision. They certainly are not wrong there, a lot of fans on social media are discussing the issue.

What is to be considered here is that when the MLB The Show 17 launched it didn’t go as smooth as many thought and that was because the servers had been constantly struggling with keeping people online and not glitching out. So cutting this online version of the game is probably a good decision. Hopefully, they figure out how to fix the issue and make it run properly.

With everything said this is certainly not the first time that there have been issues with this title, back in 2014 the game MLC The Show 14 upon its release had some issues with the download to which Sony San Diego gave out vouchers as a compensation to the players experiencing the issue.

Let us hope this does not become the case this year. What are your thoughts on the Online Franchise Mode of the game not coming through? Let us know in the comments below.