Netflix Announces Black Mirror Season 5 With Cryptic Teaser

The chilling tales from the critically acclaimed science fiction television series Black Mirror will continue to be told by Netflix in a brand new fifth season in the foreseeable future.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the entertainment-streaming behemoth shared a cryptic teaser where clips from various episodes were shown across multiple screens as the camera panned out. There is no meaning to be derived, at least not yet, but the company did add that “the future will be brighter than ever” for the audience.

Similar to the last four seasons, Black Mirror Season 5 will delve into the dark impact of technology on our daily lives. There is no confirmation on how many episodes there will be this time around and when the first one will premiere. Netflix has promised to drop more details with time.

Looking back, the first two seasons featured three episodes each before the following two seasons increased the count to six episodes each. The most latest season arrived in December and was received with stellar reviews, despite most fans showing disappointment for at least half of the episodes. Regardless, it cannot be denied that the starting and ending episodes (U.S.S. Callister and Black Museum) were simply ingenious and some of the best from the entire series.

Unless Netflix has plans to release the new season earlier, Black Mirror Season 5 should arrive on the streaming platform sometime later this year. Both the third and fourth seasons were released in fall.