Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Heroes Guide – Career Skills, Passives (How To Play)

Our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Heroes Guide will help you learn all about different types of Heroes in Vermintide 2, their careers, career skills, passive abilities, and how to play them.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Heroes

Every person comes up with a unique playstyle of his/her own. To match the playstyle in one of the classes within a game is integral for the remainder of the journey that the player has to go through. Aiming for deep gameplay and customization, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has a similar system with regards to the class and career mechanic of the game.

Below we discuss some of the heroes/characters that you can play as, along with the careers you can opt as sub-classes within that category. Skills attached to these sub-classes have also been discussed. Do note that if you grow tired of a character or the sub-class, don’t worry, you can switch to a different one whilst in the game. See below and decided which character and career suits your playstyle best.

Markus Kruber

Being a knight with heavy equipment and less flexibility, this type is recommended for players who are ready to engage in close-quarter combat and be the ‘muscle’ for the team. He comes equipped with a Greatsword and Cannon. They are always the front of the pack when it comes to starting battles. The player can choose from the following three careers, each one coming with a unique passive skill and a career skill.

Passive Ability: Paced Strikes
During a single swing of the weapon, if you manage to hit 3 enemies, attack speed increases by 10% for 6 seconds. The ability also boosts chances of a critical strike and to tear through more of the enemies.

Career Skill: Moral Boost
Grants health to nearby teammates while staggering enemies in the process.

Huntsman (From Level 7 )
Passive Ability: Waste not, Want Not
Headshots carried out from long range will recover 1 point of ammunition and increase chances of a critical hit.

Career Skill: Hunter’s Prowl
Can vanish for an instant and ambush enemies.

Foot Knight (From Level 12)
Passive Ability: Protective Presence
An overall resistance to damage with a reduction in the damage taken. Stamina also increases by using the ability.

Career Skill: Valiant Charge
A rush attack, with Markus running towards enemies with strength and pushing them back.

Bardin Goreksson

More of a hybrid or balance, however you like to call it, between melee attacks and ranged ones. The dwarf ‘Bardin’ can use hammers to crush skulls of the foes or inflict blows from a range using crossbows.

Ranger Veteran
Passive Ability: Survivalist
Reload speed is increased and ammunition’s capacity is doubled. On death, ammo is available from Specials.

Career Skill: Disengage
Disturbs enemies’ vision temporarily by deploying a smoke bomb.

Ironbreaker (From Level 7)
Passive Ability: Gromril Armor
Resistance to stun is increased and damage taken is greatly reduced.

Career Skill: Impenetrable
Taunts enemies within 10 units and can completely absorb damage taken from any attack for 20 seconds making him literally ‘Impenetrable’ temporarily.

Slayer (From Level 12)
Passive Ability: Trophy Hunter
Attacks become quicker and more rewards and damage buffs are achieved by hitting an enemy.

Career Skill: Leap
The character makes a leap forward to stagger an enemy and increase attacking speed.


Focusing more on ranged-weapons, this class is for players who have a steady aim and can provide support for teammates from considerable distances away. Using bows and daggers, she relies more on stealth than any of the other characters and puts down her enemies in the shadows.

Passive Ability: Armanthe
Vitality is regenerated over time. Scope of the weapon is enhanced to zoom in more on ranged enemies. Ammo capacity is also doubled.

Career Skill: Trueshot Volley
Locks onto an enemy far away and can strike out enemies within that straight line.

Handmaiden (From Level 7)
Passive Ability: The Dance of Seasons
More distance is covered while dodging from enemy attacks. Stamina is regenerated. Revives cannot be interrupted.

Career Skill: Dash
Like the name says, the character dashes through enemies in the forward direction.

Shade (From Level 12)
Passive Ability: Murderous Prowess
Approaching enemy from behind, critical hits will take down man-sized enemies completely. 50% additional damage is also dealt to enemies from behind as well.

Career Skill: Infiltrate
The character can pass through enemies for 10 seconds without being detected. Pick that out, Assassin’s Creed fans!

Vincent Saltzpyre

Nicknamed ‘Witchhunter’, Vincent is the quickest of all of the playable characters. Even his weapons: the rapier and handguns are both quick to deal damage. This is for the players who are quick to observe and respond.

Witch-Hunter Captain
Passive Ability: Witch-Hunt
Locked-on enemies take more damage. Headshots will instantly kill man-sized foes. No light attack block cost from frontal attacks.

Career Skill: Animosity
All teammates receive a boost in their chances of landing a critical strike on enemies for 8 seconds.

Bounty-Hunter (From Level 7)
Passive Ability: Blessed Shots
After a time period of 8 seconds, critical hit is guaranteed even though a melee attack hit will cause the time period to shorten to almost an instant. Reload speed and ammo capacity are both increased.

Career Skill: Locked and Loaded
A gunshot which can kill multiples enemies as the bullet pierces through them.

Zealot (From Level 12)
Passive Ability: Fiery Faith
Death is resisted on taking lethal damage and heavy attacks cannot be parried. Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing to a maximum bonus of 20%.

Career Skill: Holy Fervor
Attack speed increases by 50% for 5 seconds. Using the ability, the character will rush forward.

Sienna Fuegonasus

The character belongs to the mage or wizard class. Using magic and arcane arts through the staff, the ‘Bright Wizard’, Sienna, can obliterate enemies down to the crisp.

Battle Wizard
Passive Ability: Tranquility
Avoiding damage and not casting spells for 8 seconds automatically ventilates overcharge which in turn increases the spell charge speed. Ranged damage is also increased.

Career Skill: Fire Walk
Rushes forward while leaving everything burned with fire in the path she paves and leaves behind.

Pyromancer (From Level 7)
Passive Ability: Critical Mass
Boost in infliction of ranged damage and critical strike chances.

Career Skill: Homing Firespear
Fires at enemies with a projectile weapon.

Unchained (From Level 12)
Passive Ability: Blood Magic
50% damage taken transferred to Overcharge which charges it up and results in increased melee power. No Overcharge slowdown during the process. Also, block cost is minimized.

Career Skill: Living Bomb
Consuming all her Overcharge, all surrounding and nearby enemies are obliterated due to the explosion that Sienna unleashes.

This concludes our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Heroes Guide. Decided on a particular hero yet? All seem quite interesting to play with, no? Well, we’ll give you the time to think. In the meantime, you may want to check up on some more tips which can add depth and integrity to your gameplay style. Just head over to SegmentNext.

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