Street Fighter Animated Series Is A Dream For The Producer Of Avatar

Who would not love a Street Fighter Animated Series especially if it is produced or directed by Joaquim Dos Santos. Joaquim Dos Santos is the person behind the production and direction of many popular and well-anticipated series like Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Avatar: The Legend Of Korra as well as Voltron: Legendary Defender. Very recently he has shared his dream of making a Street Fighter Animated Series.

Just a few days back he made a Tweet from his official account posting an image that shows that there was an Animation pitch for the game franchise Street Fighter. Santos told that this image is an old piece that was being prepped for production at the time when Avatar: Korra series were being wrapped up.

He also revealed the name of the series; Streetfighter: Warriors Dawn. Unfortunately, the series never made it to production. The reason for that is unknown although at the time of Korra there were talks and discussions with the Capcom regarding the Street Fighter Animated Series.

To such an extent that it almost reached the contract stage but unfortunately no agreement was reached regarding the finances of the series and whole of the project died out.

Joaquim Dos Santos has shared that it was his dream project then and it is the dream project even now and hopefully one day if he gets the chance he will certainly be producing it.

We all know what anticipation Avatar series have had, form the storyline to the background music everything was remarkable in the both of the Avatar series. The unique fighting sequence in the Avatar is what gets everyone going that if such style is adapted in the Street Fighter Series then it would certainly be something that everyone would enjoy especially the Street Fighter fans.

Although at the moment this project is a dream for not only Joaquim Dos Santos but for may Street Fighter fans. Let us hope that this does happen sometime soon and we get to see the Animated series.

Talking about Avatar: The Last Air Bender is getting a Blue-ray treatment and will hopefully be rolling out this summer. The Blu-ray will be available exclusively at Best Buy from May 1, before becoming available elsewhere.

So would you like to see Street Fighter Series? Let us know in the comments below?