Monster Hunter World For Switch Is A Possibility, Iron Galaxy Studios Share Interest

Very recently Iron Galaxy Studios talked about something really interesting that will get most of the fans of the game Monster Hunter World excited as well as most would be skeptical about it and they will not be wrong to some extent. Iron Galaxy Studios have shared their interest, in bringing Monster Hunter World For Switch.

Yes, that is correct and it does sound very strange because the game monster hunter world is a slightly different game to be played on Nintendo Switch. The developers Capcom claimed that bringing the game on Nintendo Switch would be a complicated process and because of that reason, they closed their doors on bringing Monster Hunter World For Switch.

Capcom further added that the development of the game began 4 years ago and it was not included in the plans for Switch. They further added that there are a lot of limitations on a technical level related to the world engine, the updated version of the MT Framework that makes it really difficult to be ported to switch.

Despite all this said by Capcom, Iron Galaxy Studios are interested in porting, Monster Hunter World For Switch. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois and is know for porting games to Switch. The Company has previously brought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to Nintendo Switch. So that said this will certainly not be the first time they will be making a port.

The Executive manager of Iron Galaxy, Adam Boyes has shown interest in working on this title by posting a Tweet. He acknowledged the fact that it would be a difficult task to carry the game to Switch although not impossible and this is what the studio has been working on. He further requested an opportunity from Capcom to port Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch and that the company shall not disappoint them.

At the moment Capcom has not said anything regarding this request. Let us hope that something good comes out of this. With that said very recently, there has been a rumor floating around about the Monster Hunter, World content to include new areas, new monsters, and even G-rank although they are just rumors. This rumor took hype to form a Japanese Reddit post. So check that out if you are interested.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the Game being ported to Switch? Let us know in the comments below?