God Of War New Details Have Surfaced, Information About Art, Design, Levels And Much More

The game God Of War that is scheduled to launch coming April has recently added some new insights regarding the game. Which reveal information about, the artwork of the game as well as details on the designs and some information regarding the game levels. God Of War New Details also cover some other small aspects as well.

A series of podcasts have been hosted by Sony on the game’s official site and in the latest episode, we had the God Of War’s lead environment artist Nate Stephens and lead environment concept artist Luke Berliner.

We came to know that Nate Stephens team of environment consists of thirty to forty people although it certainly depends on what they are working on. He further added that initially, the team had plans to completely abandon the previous concept of the franchise like not including the big setpieces with giants and titans. In order to further add more realism but that did not stick for long and they came back to the original concept.

The team still had intentions to induce realism in the game all the while keeping the true mythical spirit alive and for that, they found a medium which fitted perfectly. They refer to that medium as ” Mythical realism”. This concept has been categorized into three sections; historical detail, mythology, and heavy inspiration from the eighties’ fantasy movies.

To give the appearance more similarity with films the color correction has been set. The camera is now closer to Kratos because of that the set-pieces give a more intimate feel.

A lot of research was done regarding the realms of the game and the team has very carefully used that research to develop those realms. The aim was to make all the realms distinctive and that is why each realm has its own distinct feel.

Like Helheim is really cold while Alfheim is the realm of the elves, Midgard is similar to the real world also where mankind lives, while the other realms are much more fantastical.

In order to find a perfect look for each realm the team has worked very hard, the process has been very time-consuming. For instance, it took three to four months just to be able to find a perfect look for Alfheim as well as Helheim.

God Of War New Details also revealed that the environment team went to Iceland, Scotland, in order to learn ecology which they translated into the game.

Textures of the game are now eight times larger than they used to be. According to Stephens, the game includes some levels that are breathtaking, unlike anything that the players would have seen before. They further added that the director Cory Barlog wrote “really awesome story” that team had to live up to the level of that story in terms of artwork, designs and such. Otherwise, it would have been unjustified.

Furthermore, they said that each realm has been designed and sequenced properly with the story of the game so the mythical and realism are connected at a balance. The team has added some more elements to the Kratos character in order to make the audience feel that it has evolved.

According to them, the team has not ignored the humor in the game as it certainly is an important aspect to keep it interesting. The environmental hazards in the game also prevent players from progressing.

Overall the God Of War New Details seem to be really promising, it is pretty clear that the team has set its focus on quality over quantity.

So if you want to play the game then you should probably own a PlayStation 4 as the game God Of War is a PS4 exclusive game. The game is scheduled to roll out on 20th April 2018.