Far Cry 5 PC Requires 4 GB VRAM To Run At High Settings, Graphics Settings Revealed, No TAA With SLI Or CrossFire

Far Cry 5 PC is coming out later this month and if you are thinking about getting the ultimate experience on PC then what you need to know is that you will need 4 GB of VRAM in order to run the game with all the settings at High. This is an open world game with a lot of attention to detail. Keeping that in mind it is no surprise that the game requires ample amount of VRAM to run at High presets.

Far Cry 5 PC Graphics Settings Revealed

There aren’t plenty of option that you can play around with but then again Ubisoft is not known for game optimization on PC so we are left to deal with what we have right now. The following are the Far Cry 5 PC graphics settings that you can play around with.


Far Cry 5 PC was delayed almost a month and it will be interesting to see what the developers have done with that extra time. I expect the PC optimization to be better than what we saw with Assassin’s Creed Origins. Having that said, this is Ubisoft that we are talking about so fingers crossed. There is a lot of hype surrounding the game and I hope that the game is well optimized for PC because I am a fan f the franchise and am looking forward to playing it on PC.

Dan Hay, the executive producer and creative director of Far Cry 5 states that John Seed is a guy that you can’t bargain with since he has nothing to lose. He says:

“John has been through everything. There’s nothing that you can do to this guy. Nothing surprises him and as a result, it’s very difficult to go around him, go through him. He’s just there and he almost knows everything the player is going to do. I think that this creates a level of complexity in terms of making a great villain, somebody who does bad stuff but somebody who’ll say ‘well you do bad stuff too’.”

We will be getting game-ready graphics drivers from AMD and Nvidia which should make things better but we will know for sure once the game comes out and we can test it on our own. Stay tuned for more information.

Let us know what you think about Far Cry 5 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out on March 27, 2018.