Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Guide – Find Clues, Hint Partners, Easy Stars

Our Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about getting started with Mysteries of the Past along with some tips and tricks to help you out!

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Guide

Being the fourth installment in the Criminal Case series for Android, iOS and Facebook, Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Pastis a point-and-click hidden-objects adventure game where you find and investigate various clues to solve murders. This time, the murder takes you back in time all the way to the 19th century. With our Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Guide, you can catch solve the murder in no time and bring that killer to justice.

Locate all Clues before Collecting

There’s multiplier on top of the screen which basically means that finding clues within 5 seconds of each other will have that multiplier go up. So it’s advised to find all the clues first and then tap them in quick succession to get the best out of the situation in terms of bonuses and rewards. This will boost up your overall score.

Save Hint Partners for Difficult Situations

The game allows you to choose a partner from one of your Facebook friends by linking accounts or otherwise choose someone randomly. Their job is to ease your way to finding a clue by providing some hints. Madeline, the in-game character, will always be available and can give you one hint in each level.

However, partnering with other players can earn you 5 hints which if you don’t utilize, will add up to your final score. Each unused hint can constitute a total of 20,000 points which will reflect in your final score. Therefore, we recommend you to use these hints only when it’s infuriatingly difficult to find clues. Otherwise, save them for maximum bonus.

Analyze for Forensic Work

You can find it easy if you complete the forensic work first and foremost i.e. send certain samples to the doctor during the chapters. Since these are time-consuming, you may want to deal with these first and move onto more interesting and important stuff in the game. These will give you extra details into catching the killer like the murderer’s DNA etc.

Newer Crime Scenes for Easier Stars

For players who are addicted to the game, it may be difficult to collect more stars on older levels so we advise you to move to newer crime scenes. Not only will these earn you more rewards but also unlock other crime scenes faster.

Going back to old cases, restrictions like time limit and fewer number of stars apply so that gives you a rather tough time. At the end of the day, it comes down to your observation and analyzing techniques regardless of the difficulty level of the case. Patience, close and careful attention to the crime scenes are the way to go!

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