Anthem Devs Share Tid Bits About Weapons Progression

A┬álot of queries regarding Anthem have been emerging lately and BioWare has been consistently answering as much as possible and very recently Anthem’s Developer Brendon Holmes responded to some question and suggestions by the fans of the game on the Anthem’s subreddit page. He has revealed some very interesting information on the games weapons progression and update on the PC version of the game.

In a particular thread, a user asked a question regarding the PC version of the game on how will it look like as well as the main concern was whether it will be a poor port with keyboard and mouse support or not. To which Brendon Holmes answered that the PC version of the game is being worked on and it will certainly not be a port that shall be thrown away. He said that the team is working very hard to make it as best as possible.

While that’s a relief for the PC users, in another thread another question was raised regarding the weapons progression system of Anthem. Whether it would be more focused on stats like in MMOs or will it be a system that sees weapons and armor progressively greater with the passage of time. Anthem’s Developer, Brendon Holmes, gave away some really interesting insight. He said that the team is currently trying to mix both the systems up.

What does it mean for the overall weapon progression is the big question now? Having a more static model attracts different players to different styles of gameplay. He further said that this system is more powerful and it will certainly be fancied by the players.

Further elaborating to the system he said that the developers are currently doing both the styles for different areas of progression.
Although that sounds confusing mixing both the system for weapon progression really is an interesting step although it is a risk as well. How will they manage to mix them both up is also a topic of concerns on which they have not yet shed light on. Let us hope they do soon.

Very recently we also had some reports that this game Anthem might be facing delays to which the CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed and the game did move from 2018 to 2019. Which by the way CEO does not see as a delay but rather a necessary step in the development of the game.

The game Anthem is scheduled to launch in 2019 and will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Anthem’s Developer response on the weapons progression system and the PC version of the game? Let us know in the comments below.