President Trump To Meet Video Game Industry, No Invitation to ESA

In a recent press conference by the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, she declared that President Of United States, Donald Trump has plans to meet the Video Game Industry on the topic of violent video games considering the recent Parkland school shootout. While President Trump has declared to meet the ESA, we have ESA respond with a note that they have not received any form of a formal invitation.

So at this moment, it is pretty vague that who does Trump plans to talk to, if the major Gaming industry companies have not been invited. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Activision, and many other gaming companies in the US have rolled out the games, which apparently Trump holds responsible but if they have not been contacted then why issue a statement in a press conference.

This will not be the first time President Trump will be holding video games responsible, that is if the meeting actually happens. In a recent meeting with the state and local officials regarding the school safety at the White House Trump said that the emerging Violent culture is being induced by violent video games into the minds of the young generation.

While it is not only Trump who has shared similar views, the Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, in an interview said something similar. The Governor too blamed the violence in video games to be responsible for the real-life violence. While most of the political industry is blaming the Video Game Industry for such tragic incidents there are many others who are looking at the voice of reason.

Others who disagree with this notion say that there should be a gun control law that should limit the availability of a gun. They say it is the guns who kill people and not video games. Come to think of it it does sound rational. According to ESA note, Games are played all around the world while such incidents tend to take place more in the US.

ESA’s note does depict that they are offended because according to them “it’s a matter of who the President will be talking to”  meaning if President Trump has not made an appointment first but have gone public, who does he wish to talk to even if we hold video games responsible.

One thing is for sure ESA has no intentions of becoming a scapegoat because according to them, NRA and weapons are more responsible for violence in everyday life than these games.

With all that said, one thing is for sure, we certainly can’t go around blaming each other, people are at the moment very limited on the correlation between the two things and while our research expands and we cannot conclude that Video Games are responsible for such shootings.

Let us hope that something positive comes out of this meeting with the Video Game Industry, that is if it takes place.

Source: Kotaku