Final Fantasy 15 DRM Will Once Again Be Denuvo On The PC

It wouldn’t be a video game without copy protection. Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 15 DRM on the PC will once again be Denuvo, in order to protect the game from people pirating it now that it’s on the PC. The remastered version of Final Fantasy 12 also uses Denuvo.

Denuvo is one of the most secure anti-piracy DRM softwares out there, making it the obvious choice for a large number of developers to use in order to protect their games from being hacked into by pirates. While this hasn’t kept many games from being pirated, it does at least give some challenge to people who would rather steal the games than pay for them like normal gamers.

There was some question before now about whether or not the Final Fantasy 15 DRM would be Denuvo or something else, but with the update, that’s much more concrete. Oddly enough two other Square Enix games, the PC ports of Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, don’t have Denuvo on them and simply require players to sign a third party agreement.

Exactly why this is isn’t known (maybe because Final Fantasy 15 is a bigger investment than a port of a decades-old game, or a remake of another decades-old game), but hopefully the Final Fantasy 15 DRM can keep the game safe for a while, especially given everything that comes with it.

With the PC version getting all of the currently-existing character DLC along with more content besides, not to mention more content incoming, the PC version of Final Fantasy 15 is seen as the “best” version of the game even by many in the development staff.

Either way, if you haven’t touched Final Fantasy 15 yet and have a computer that can run it, you can buy the game from Steam, Origin, or the Microsoft Store on March 6.