New Spyro The Dragon Twitter Page Is Being Created, Could Hint At Remastered Games

Two weeks ago a rumor started going around that the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy would be getting a remastering similar to those given to Jak and Daxter and the Crash Bandicoot games. While there wasn’t any concrete proof of this before, a Spyro the Dragon Twitter page has apparently been made.

Activision has previously indicated that more remasters of older games are on their way, and with Spyro having not gotten a game in years (barring the character making his way into the Skylanders games), the time might be ripe for a new Spyro game, or at least some acknowledgement that the series still exists.

A ResetEra user is responsible for pointing out the new Spyro the Dragon Twitter page, and with it being set up there’s a big possibility that something is getting ready to be announced via that page, or on YouTube. The Twitter account now has its Tweets protected (meaning that you can’t see them unless the person in charge of the account wants you to see them) and has changed its name to Falcon McBob.

In addition to that, the email behind the Twitter account is apparently an Activision email, making it even more likely that the company is going to use the Twitter page to announce something Spyro-related.

If we do get a remastered Spyro the Dragon game trilogy, it’s been speculated that Activision will be going for the original Spyro the Dragon games, rather than the Legend of Spyro trilogy that made the series darker and more dramatic, rather than the mainly unrelated games of the first trilogy.

However it turns out, hopefully we’ll actually get something Spyro-related so that we can return to adventures with our favorite little dragon. With luck, Activision will put the same sort of care into it as they did into the N. Sane Trilogy, and make Spyro a revitalized classic like Crash.