Battlefield Won’t Drop its World War Setting This Year, Microtransactions Are a Real Concern

Battlefield 1 took us back to World War and it seems the next installment won’t be dropping its World War setting. According to a new report from sources close to the project,  Battlefield 2018 is going to remain in World War but this time it is going to visit World War 2.

According to a report from Eurogamer (and a couple received from other sources not too long ago), Battlefield 2018 is going to be set in World War 2. The game was referred to as Battlefield 2 during its development but has recently been given the name of Battlefield V (Battlefield 5).

No details or official confirmation have arrived but rumor has it that this was EA’s plan all along. The company wanted to test the waters with World War 1 before going with the more popular World War 2 setting. The company is yet to reveal that game but with so many reports coming in, it is safe to say that the title is indeed heading to World War 2.

The next game is expected to be announced at EA PLAY with a Fall 2018 release date. The company won’t be at E3 2018 so like previous two years, they will be hosting their own event, separate from E3.

The next installment in the long-running franchise is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with enhancements for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. One can only hope EA will do justice to the new game and not include predatory microtransactions similar to Star Wars Battlefront 2. This franchise is one of the last remaining properties of EA with a good reputation.

While Battlefield is a franchise that has so far escaped EA’s aggressive monetization approach and we hope that doesn’t change with Battlefield 2018. Anthem is already under the weather and may not be as good as some are hoping it to be. The title got delayed and there are rumors that Bioware devs don’t have much faith in the IP.

Which means EA is left with FIFA and Battlefield as its two mainstream AAA dark horses. We don’t know where Dragon Age will go after the mediocre Inquisition.

A lot is riding on Battlefield as it may restore some of the lost reputation of EA as a company.

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