Your Real Name Might Be Visible On Your Xbox Live Account Due To An Error, Here’s How To Fix It

A huge security breach is underway now on Xbox Live, as players are finding out that their real name is visible to everyone even they had their security options set to block it. You may want to check your settings again to change the settings and make your friends know this as well.

The issue was first spotted on Reddit and reported by Gearnuke, as Redditor nadiaface has been informed by an Xbox Live friend that her real name was visible. She pointed out that had her settings blocking her real name, however, when she checked them again she realized that they were changed to it being allowed without her permission.

More and more players are facing the same issue since then and even if it’s a huge deal, it’s easily fixable. Imagine being a famous broadcaster or content creator and having to face massive amounts of publicity involving your real name relating your real name. Let’s face it, even if you are not really that popular, having your real name out in the open without your consent isn’t such a good deal. It might not affect you right now but sharing personal information without permission is not an issue to be overlooked, especially since Xbox Live has more than 55 million users.

Note that this issue actually reveals the name you have on your Microsoft account and not the one you have stated on your Xbox Live. Nadiaface has also stated on an edit to the post that Credit card names may also be visible if your Microsoft account is not linked. So, if a kid owns an Xbox One and faces this problem the parent’s name might be visible. Not cool.

To fix this issue – if this affects you too – is by checking your settings on Xbox Live again. You will have to change the settings for “Real Name Visibility” to black again as the following picture shows:

Have you been affected by this issue too? What’s your take on the matter?