Overwatch Brigitte Guide – How To Play, Ability Tips, Strengths And Weaknesses

With the help of our Overwatch Brigitte Guide, you’ll become more proficient with playing as the game’s newest hero. Described as a ‘Support’ class character, this fact is not to take away the array of offensive skills she brings to the table as well.

With a variety of melee attacks, shield hits, and use of other firearms, the character is one of the more attack-focused support characters. Since every character in Overwatch has its own learning curve, we’ve highlighted some Overwatch Brigitte Tips to ease you into the character’s style and excel at it in no time.

How To Play As Overwatch Brigitte

A little bit of some backstory first though. Brigitte is the daughter of Torbjorn as well as a squire for Reinhardt, both of which are playable characters in the game.

From what we know from the comics and other sources, Brigitte has a deep passion for building stuff. She spent most of her childhood in her father’s workshop. In terms of her playstyle, she is described as a hybrid between the ‘Support’ and ‘Tank’ classes.


In the game, Brigitte serves as the ‘Support’ for her teammates, boosting their HP and armor during battles. She also displays some of the qualities you’ll find in a character of ‘Tank’ class, as she’s able to inflict heavy blows on opponents as well as carry good defensive equipment for protection. An overview of Brigitte’s abilities and weapons are provided below:

Rocket Flail
Being her primary weapon, she can use it from long range to deliver blows onto the enemy as melee attacks. Within a distance of 5 miles, players can take out 35 points from the total health of the opponents with this attack. If a hit is successful, nearby allies are granted +80 HP over a total of 5 seconds.

This can make the character useful when an aggressive strategy in the battle is opted for. A passive ability like this encourages group of characters sticking together and attacking any enemies around Brigitte.

Repair Pack
This ability belongs to the ‘Support’ oriented side of the character. Using it will heal targeted teammates over a distance of forty meters. The Repair Pack adds 150 HP to the overall health pool and beyond that will add 75 points to the armor. This makes Brigitte ideal for serving as a mobile health kit healing teammates in the midst of the battle.

Barrier Shield And Shield Bash
The character comes with an equipped Barrier Shield similar to Reinhardt. Being of a size a bit bigger than the character, this will provide complete protection from attacks but may also shield the enemies behind her from any blows. Even when equipped, the character is still quite mobile and can even lash out at enemies using the Shield Bash ability.

Carried out by clicking the left button on the mouse, this will stun an enemy who’s within 7 meters and in the line of sight of Brigitte. This will deduct 50 points of HP from their health. Also of note, players can use this ability to cover short distances quickly as well and continue delivering blows to the opponent after having stunned them with the shield.

Usually a Shield Bash can be followed with Whip Shot and Rocket Flail abilities. Not only will this deal significant damage but also push the enemy further away from you.

Whip Shot
This ability can be used in conjunction with the Rocket Flail ability to devastating effect. The move can deal a damage of 70 HP to the opponent and if push them back a little or even over the edge of the map.

It also extends the distance that the Rocket Flail skill can be executed from and, therefore, extends the radius within which teammates can be healed. This remains one of the most powerful weapon and the most impressive piece of skill that Brigitte possesses.

Finally, Brigitte’s ultimate move is again support-orientated and grants a boost of 45 armor per half a second to nearby teammates (approx. 7 meters). It also speeds up both her and the teammates so it serves to get out of the heat of the battle and away from the face of the enemy.

Being one of the fastest, accessible (one-star difficulty), offensive and defensive characters in the game, Brigitte can carry teammates on her back into the heat of the battle or to get out of it as easily. Though her shield may be destroyed after a few attacks and pushing enemies away doesn’t always provide refuge (think of Hanzo in this case), Brigitte can still be a force to reckon with depending on how well she’s used in the game.

This is all we’ve in our Overwatch Brigitte Guide. If there’s anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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