Nintendo Switch 2.0 Won’t Be Happening Soon, More Peripherals To Boost Sales Instead

After the increasing success of Nintendo Switch both in popularity and sales, it’s only natural to start thinking about what Nintendo intends to do with it in the future. If you were hoping for a Nintendo Switch 2.0, you’ll be disappointed to find out that this is not a possibility that the company discusses right now. However, the release of new Switch peripherals, as the Labo, will give Nintendo all the sales boost they want.

What Nintendo seems to be focusing on right now, saleswise, is the Nintendo Labo cardboard toy kit, which releases in April. What Labo has that nothing else in the industry does is the support of parents, as this seems like the perfect educational game for their kids. As the Wall Street Journal indicates, parents were interviewed at an electronic store in Osaka about video games and what they think about buying them for their kids, they said that they are hesitant. Labo though is one thing that they would want to get a closer look at as “it’s more like a crafts project”.

The company also wants to rely on the upcoming Nintendo Switch online service, which remains a mystery for all fans, since it’s hyped to be bringing surprises. It will be a relatively cheap service and will give you access to multiplayer gaming and a collection of the company’s retro titles. What else will be included, however, will be revealed at a later date. Nintendo¬†Switch Online Service is set to release this September.

The fact that Nintendo Switch won’t get an upgrade yet is an unusual decision for the company as all of their previous handheld upgrades (Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS) have been released during their predecessors the second year. Maybe Nintendo Switch is more of a stable console that we thought it was. For what it’s worth, Nintendo has already made it clear that wants to support the Switch long term, way past its life cycle.

What do you think about Nintendo’s decision to don’t go forward with an upgraded version of the switch yet? What peripherals would you want to see get released for the hybrid console?