Metro Exodus Multiplayer And Coop Will Not Be In The Game Because Of Story

The Metro series of video games is one of those oddities among shooters in that it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, preferring to engross its players completely in the story of its setting. Now Jon Bloch of developer 4A Games has explained why that is, especially with Metro Exodus multiplayer and coop.

Metro’s story has always been one of just day to day survival, despite the grandiose plots that players are normally involved in. In the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, winter has swept permanently over Russia and the city of Moscow, and apparently the entire world. Metro Exodus brings us into the outside world for the very first time, though for what purpose, we don’t know.

The lack of Metro Exodus multiplayer and coop isn’t that unusual: the Wolfenstein reboot games also haven’t had a multiplayer component, though that hasn’t stopped them from getting a lot of praise for its gameplay and story. The Metro games are similar, and according to Bloch the reason there’s no multiplayer is so that players are immersed in the world, and don’t skip the game’s actual story in order to play multiplayer.

While 4A has previously experimented with the idea of a cooperative mode, they weren’t satisfied with the result, which led to the game remaining a single player experience. While the studio could actually put in a multiplayer mode, they’re not interested in doing something just for the sake of doing it.

Considering how much criticism the 2016 Doom game got for tacking on a multiplayer mode (which was seen as mediocre at best for many people in a game that was long enough not to need it), it might be better off for 4A to not put any Metro Exodus multiplayer or coop into the game.

Metro Exodus will be releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC late this year.