Hunt: Showdown Solo Hunting Tips – How To Win Solo, Tips And Strategies

Hunt: Showdown Solo Hunting can be quite difficult, especially for newer players. Having a teammate watching your back is a massive plus point in open-world games like these and the fact that you are on your own can make the game much harder simply from a psychological point of view.

This Hunt: Showdown Solo Hunting Tips will give you some tips on how you can easily survive when out in the wild in Hunt: Showdown. These tips will help you better prepare for the solo matches and tell you about little things that can end up making a huge different over the course of the game.

Hunt: Showdown Solo Hunting

The first thing that we are going to tell you is to use your knife when you want to kill a target which is not that huge of a threat. Melee will ensure that no one else finds out about your whereabouts and you also get to save your ammunition.

On a similar note, only use your weapon when it is absolutely necessary. Opening doors can be done with a sledgehammer, as they are much more efficient than weapons. It is also best if you crouch around zombies and move away from them rather than use weapons on any zombie that you may see.

Solo Hunting Tips And Strategies

Standing still is the best way to aim when playing this game. The accuracy of your weapon will be much worse when moving than it would be if you are standing still. For this reason, it is best to always be standing still at a safe distance before you line up your shot and shoot the target.

As far as the placement is concerned, standard FPS formula is followed. Aim for the head to get the most damage output that you can. Some zombies will move quite fast and it will be difficult for you to aim at their head, but try to do so as you will deal the most damage this way.

If you do get chased by a hive, or you want to take it down yourself, then the best way is to charge forward towards it, fire a shot at it and then melee it until it falls down. This will save you the most amount of time and will leave you with the largest health possible when dealing with a hive.

You can use the clues as a bait. Since most of the players will be looking for clues, try to stay near them and kill players when they try to get near them. Remember that you can also extract yourself early if you want to just gain XP from the hunt and do not need the end game reward.

Lastly, remember to avoid the Brutes, as they will continue to charge you even when they are damaged and they can be a massive hassle to deal with.

That is all we have for our Hunt: Showdown Solo Hunting Tips. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!