God of War 4 Mythology Podcast Continues With The Sundering of Jotunheim

The God of War 4 mythology podcast, called “God of War: The Lost Pages of Norse Myth”, is continuing today with a new episode, called “The Sundering of Jotunheim”, which tells the story of the god Tyr and the raising of his temple, and also why one of the realms remains closed.

In regular Norse Mythology, Tyr is a god of law and glory. When the wolf Fenrir was to be bound by the gods, he refused to agree to be bound by the ribbon Gleipnir unless one of the gods put their hand in his mouth. Tyr volunteered, and did so. After Fenrir was bound, he became enraged that he couldn’t break Gleipnir and so bit Tyr’s hand off.

Tyr, in the mythology of Ragnarok, is fated to be killed by Hel’s guard dog Garm, though he will also kill it.

In the God of War 4 mythology podcast (which talks about Norse mythology as the game will portray it, rather than us), Tyr and Odin go to the realm of Jotunheim, home of the Frost Giants in Norse Mythology. From what we can tell of the video preview, it appears that somehow the Norse gods anger the Jotuns, which cause them to seal Jotunheim off from the rest of the Nine Realms.

You can catch the full story on the actual podcast on iTunes or any other podcast-listening venue, so feel free to give it a listen in order to uncover the full story.

The God of War 4 mythology podcast will continue going up until the game releases on April 20, and each new episode will give us lots of other backstory about the game’s world. In the meantime, if you’ve had enough of ancient Greece and can’t wait to play the game, it’s only another two months, so try and hang in there.