Friday The 13th Fan Installed A Jason Voorhees Statue At A Famous Minnesota Dive Site

The all-time classic movie franchise Friday the 13th has a special place in the hearts of horror genre lovers and this certainly won’t be the first time that anyone has pulled a stunt. Although it could definitely be the first time that someone really went this far.

A fan of Friday the 13th movie franchise installed the statue of Jason Voorhees underwater at a popular Minnesota diving site.

He also has videos of him being underwater with the statue. Apparently, the video was recorded back in 2014 when a fan Curtis Lahr built and installed a statue of the main character from the movie franchise Jason Voorhees. Curtis built the statue himself and then installed it by wearing the proper underwater gear and taking it down to the bottom of the lake placing it there properly and then making the video.

The video was posted back in 2014 on youtube but until recently it has been discovered and has gained popularity especially across horror community.

There have been 12 sequels of this Title and each one has been gathering up the fans over the years. The Movie rolled out back in 1980 with the last one in 2009. For some, this franchise is a form of cult. On top of that, the story originates at a lake known as Camp Crystal Lake where Jason Voorhees resides and has deadly intentions.

The irony is that Curtis Lahr has attempted to mimic the situation in a symbolic manner by installing the Jason statue at the Minnesota dive site.The statue still resides there as another latest video has also been posted by Curtis Lahr.

With that said have you played the game that has taken its inspiration from the movie franchise? The Game Friday the 13th is a survival horror video game developed by IllFonic and published by Gun Media and it has had a fair share of fans. So if you do consider to give this game a try then we have the Game Guide all cooped up for you on how to play as Jason character in the game.