The Division’s Player Base Surpasses 20 Million

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be hitting its second year anniversary on March 8th, while they will be celebrating it, they will certainly not be ignoring the 20 million player base. Yes, that’s right, according to Ubisoft, Massive’s recent announcement Tom Clancy’s The Division Player Base is over 20 million worldwide and that is just tip of the iceberg.

According to the other stats, about 500,000 players have spent 400 hours in the game on average. 549,939,300 rogue agents have been brought to justice, 66 million NPCs have been killed, the underground has been visited 160 million times and cleared 69 million times.

Not only that, on average 161 thousand agents die every hour in the dark zone. Above all, there has been only 16% chance of survival rate which implies that if you are new to this then you will remain new to this for a long time.

That means there has been double the engagement in the game since the update 1.8 launched. Talking about the update if you have not heard, recently the update 1.8.1 for the game has rolled out and it has brought in some fixes to the issues that have been raised by the gaming community and exploits that were present before.

To celebrate the anniversary Ubisoft has announced an entire month of March will be having global events. Although that seems pretty hefty, it does really seems interesting as well. Global Events are that events that last for at least a week on minimum and add modifiers to all activities and provide Tokens for earning cosmetics and classified gear sets.

The game Tom Clancy’s The Division has had a pretty good launch in 2016 although it also has had some issues and glitches as well since then, bogging down the player count was the result of those issues. However, it seems like the studio has devoted resources towards free updates in order to improve the experience.

With that said, what are your thoughts on The Division Player Base exceeding 20 million mark? Let us know in the comments below.

The Division is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.