Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tomes Guide – Where To Find, Tomes Locations

In this Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tomes Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about Tomes and where to find them in the game.

Since there seems to be much emphasis on progression in the game, what loot you pick up really matters. Loot will consequently help you end up with better stats for your character. One of the rewards which you must collect to ensure you can maximize the amount of loots you pick up is the Tome, found in various locations in-game.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tomes

You will gain XP as a result and boost your loot stats. Additionally, Tomes will be placed in your ‘Healing’ slot so you need to get rid of healing items you may have in order to acquire Tomes. You can drop the Tome, consume the healing item, and pick the Tome back up again.

In this Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tomes Guide, we have shared the locations of all available Tomes in the game. Do note that some of the locations for these can be tricky so make sure to follow directions closely.

Tome #1
Location: Righteous Stand
The first one can be found during the first mission in the campaign just after reaching the ‘Franz Erikson Platz’. From here onward, continue until you come across some ramp of boards which will allow you to cross over a turned-over cart. Left to these ramps will be a wooden cart, close to the gate, hop onto the cart and on the top you’ll be able to collect a Tome.

Tome #2
Location: Righteous Stand
The next Tome can be found after you reach a wall when the objective says: ‘Move along the Wall’. Head into the building next to it, turn left and head upstairs. Avoiding the door you see ahead, turn right and towards the back of the room where you’ll be able to see a hole in the wooden platform. Through this hole, you can see Tome #2.

Tome #3
Location: Righteous Stand
Near the end of the first mission in the game, you will come across a grassy region, when the objective reads: ”Enter the Temple”. Walk forward and drop down to an area where you’ll find many bushes. Walking through the bushes, you’ll find a small cavity (alcove), head into it and acquire the Tome.

Tome #4
Location: Athel Yenlui
After reaching the Wilds, you will be given the task of ‘Proceed through the Wilds’. Turn right when this message for objective appears and continue until you come across a fallen tree with a pillar alongside. Turn right from this fallen tree and walk forward so you’ll be able to find the Tome inside a wooden crate.

Tome #5
Location: Athel Yenlui
Just after acquiring the first tome in this region, keep walking along the wall on the right side and drop down when you come across a small rock. Walk a little towards to the right and then turn left to find a wooden crate with Tome #2 inside.

Tome #6
Location: Athel Yenlui
Later in the mission, once you reach the ruins inside the forest. Find a ramp which will allow you drop down from it’s edge, do exactly so. Walk forwards, then towards to the right and through the leaves. You will find some rocks which you can use to jump up towards a platform. Grab the Tome.

Tome #7
Location: Against the Grain
Continue until you reach the Mill, from here turn left jump onto the fallen wagon with Hay. Jump onto the fence that you can see and walk towards the Mill. Find the wooden platform and jump onto it to find the first tome in this mission. Lots of jumping, right?

Tome #8
Location: Against the Grain
After having fought the Rate Ogre, head inside the barn and use the ladder to reach the top part of it. Turn right and move forward until you reach the Wall from where you need to take a right turn and jump towards the open wooden window or door (whatever you would like to call it). Jump onto the platform that you see outside the window and collect the Tome.

Tome #9
Location: Against the Grain
Continue until you come across grassy plants submerged in water (a swamp-like area) and during which the objective reads: ‘Reach the Farm’. From here, turn left and continue moving forward until you find land, which is clear of grass or water and more high ground:

Jump into the water after turning left, you’ll find a tome (in the water) next to a fallen tree. Since Tomes can be so integral in the leveling up system for the characters, it is worth the effort to scour these hidden locations to acquire them.

Tome #10
Location: Empire In Flames
During the objective ‘Reach the Baron’s Manor’, make out a symbol representing the seven-pointed star protruding out from the ground. From here, turn right and jump onto the bricks and over the wooden fence to find the tome.

Tome #11
Location: Empire In Flames
Exit the wine cellar and turn left to go down a corridor. Turn left and jump to make out the location of the Tome out of that small hole you can see through. The Tome is lying there next to a skeleton.

Tome #12
Location: Empire In Flames
During the latter part of the ‘Escape From Ussingen’’ mission, once you enter a burning building to ascend a ramp, jump right from the edge of this ramp and into another building. Jump down to a lower part of the building through a hole to find the Tome.

Tome #13
Location: Festering Ground
Once you head underground, then travel to the bottom floor of this map to grab a key off of a skeleton lying near a pillar of rock. Turn right from a wooden rope bridge and ascend a ladder. Jump across the fissure to your left (this a high jump indeed) and grab the Tome.

Tome #14
Location: Festering Ground
After the previous Tome, coming across an unstable wooden bridge, walk across it and turn right and jump down onto a ledge. Grab the Tome lying on the ground.

Tome #15
Location: Festering Ground
During ‘Locate Old Ruins’ objective, you will come across a stone bridge (an overpass or a flyover), near this will be a wooden ramp where you need to jump onto. Move along this ramp and them jump across the stone blocks to the other side and grab the Tome near the tree.

Tome #16
Location: The War Camp
When carrying out ‘Head into the Swamp’, you need to a house within that swampy region and find the Tome laying down on a shelf.

Tome #17
Location: The War Camp
Exit the village and find a building submerged in the swamp but with wooden planks visible near it. Go towards the back side of this building and collect the Tome.

Tome #18
Location: The War Camp
Coming across another one of those ‘seven-pointed stars’ symbols, to the right will be a wooden plank sticking out of water with the Tome on it which you can collect with ease.

This is currently all we have in our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Tomes Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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