Overwatch’s Hero No. 27 Is Brigitte Lindholm

Overwatch’s lead designer Jeff Kaplan revealed that Hero 27 for the Overwatch roster is none other than Brigitte Lindholm. For many, this won’t be a surprise because we have had a series of teases regarding Overwatch’s Hero 27.

The series of these teases started when the first Tweet was dropped from the “Playoverwatch” official Twitter account. The post detailed an “After Report for Operation ‘White Dome’.” After that many had their bets set on Emre Sarioglu as the potential candidate but that bit the dust with another tease that was posted after that.

This pretty much pointed towards Brigitte Lindholm as the potential candidate. Torbjorn’s Letter was posted that talked about his daughter very lightly and following that came a tease from the Japanese Overwatch community and that pretty much locked Brigitte as the next Hero.

Now the time has come when all the speculations have been put to rest as Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Brigitte will be able to test out on the public test region (PTR) today and the character will be available sometime between 1 pm.ET and 2 pm.ET for PC users of the game.

Not only that some details of the Hero 27 have also bee revealed; she is the daughter of Torbjon Lindholm, she is a support character. She has been working alongside her father in his engineering workshop for years and this has helped her become an adept mechanic as well.

Brigitte uses the custom-built armor that helps her protect herself in the battle. She can perform a move called Rally that quickens Brigitte’s pace and also grants armor for those around her. Brigitte can also wield Rocket Flail, which can damage multiple enemies in a single swing.

Some of her other moves include Whip Shot, Shield Bash and she has a passive healing ability that works over a period of time known as Inspire.

Brigitte is the 27th Hero as well as she is the first hero to come to Overwatch in 2018. With that said it is time for the overwatch fans to get Brigitte and take down those enemies.

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