Metro Exodus’s PC Version To Be Breathtaking, May “Blow Up” Your Video Cards

This is certainly not the first time we are hearing about the upcoming game Metro Exodus and this will certainly not be a shocker if you were to be told that Metro Exodus’s PC Version will be extremely breathtaking in terms of graphics.

Considering previous games as well, one thing is for sure that the Metro games have been visually stunning and based on what we have seen and know so far it certainly seems like they re not going to let the visual quality go.

The Metro series has a history of chocking GPUs and it looks like nothing with change with Metro Exodus. The executive producer, Jon Bloch, has said that the next Metro game will hurt your GPUs.

Jon Bloch speaking to “gameinformer“, said that while the team wants the Metro game as standard as possible so that it may be playable for more and more people but the team also likes to “blow up video cards”. Well, figuratively speaking, of course. What he means is that the visual quality has always been a priority for the development team and introducing high visual quality does make the game put a strain on the GPU.

He said while talking about the Metro Exodus’s PC Version, console users need not worry, but although the PC visuals will be better, the consoles won’t be left out as devs are adding HDR and native 4K are in plans for the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

On a related subject, we also came to know that the game has a morality system where the choices you make while playing the game may determine the course of your Game ending.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018 and will be releasing for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.