Final Fantasy 15 Could Get New Endings Based on Community Feedback

Final Fantasy 15 rolled out almost 2 years back and very recently the director Hajime Tabata asked fans for the feedback on how the Final Fantasy 15 Ending should be? Should it be a happy ending or a total opposite?

Even though the game rolled out in 2016 the director Hajime Tabata seems to still have grand plans for the game. Recently at a fan greeting the director asked fans what kind ending they would prefer? Some of the people reported back this question on social media.

What has got many confused is that was the director referring to the main campaign of the game or an ultimate ending to all the game’s DLC which at the moment has four additional episode planned. Never the less it could also be that the director has plans to maybe give a broader end to the Final Fantasy 15 story by adding more endings.

Overall this is pretty confusing but one thing is for sure that Hajime Tabata has something huge in mind for Final Fantasy 15 Ending.

On a related note, Final Fantasy 15 is also re-releasing as the Royal Edition next week on March 6, which also contains one DLC as well as all the patches and improvements to the game. With that said if you are interested in how well your hardware will run the game then we have benchmarks available for you. The Windows Edition of the game is something that has been awaited for some time now and with these benchmarks, you will have a clear idea of how it will be running on your PC.

What are your thoughts on the Ending of the game? Would you want a happy ending or a sad ending? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks, Resetera