Fatshark Releases New Vermintide 2 Gameplay Trailer Before Release

Fatshark has released another Vermintide 2 gameplay trailer before the game’s PC release, which is coming a week from now on March 8. The game is the sequel to the original Vermintide game that released back in 2015. The game continues the story of that game as players make their way to a new city.

Vermintide’s story moves on from the first game, as the End Times continue and the Skaven invasion of the Empire enters a new theater, the city of Helmgart. The Skaven of Clan Fester have formed an alliance with a Chaos warband known as the Rotborn, and now both factions are working together to conquer the Empire for themselves.

While players in the first game were mainly limited to parts of Ubersreik barring the DLCs, which took them to places like the dwarf hold of Karak Azgaraz and the sinister Castle Drachenfels, the Vermintide 2 gameplay trailer promises a lot more locations. Peaceful farmlands, dense forests, underground Skaven cities, and the ramparts of Helmgart itself.

Players will also be facing off against newer and more dangerous enemies as well. In addition to the Packmaster, Gutter Runner, and Rat Ogre of the first game, players will have to contend with towering Chaos Warriors, horrifically mutated Chaos Spawn, corrupted trolls, and new Skaven threats in the form of warpfire throwers, plague monks, and Stormfiends, augmented Rat Ogres that are armored and carry weapons.

These myriad threats will be met by the various new character classes that players will be able to use in the game; each of the five characters is able to pick three different classes that specialize in certain ways of combat, getting new weapons and abilities.

If you’re up for putting your slashing skills to the test, you can buy Vermintide 2 when it comes out on the PC on March 8 (or whenever it comes out on consoles), and you can look at the gameplay trailer above.