Cevat Yerli Has Stepped Down As CEO Of Crytek, Avni Yerli and Faruk Yerli Are The New Joint CEOs

It turns out that as soon as a Yerli stepped down as the CEO of Crytek, other Yerlis took over as the joint CEOs. So candidly speaking, the company remains in the family. With that said, this Wednesday the independent developer, Crytek announced its new leadership appointment after the co-founder Cevat Yerli officially stepped down.

The CEO spot has been jointly taken by his brothers Avni Yerli and Faruk Yerli. Based on the press release the company has its focus set on enhancing its industry-leading proprietary development platform CRYENGINE. With that, the ongoing development and publishing of Hunt: Showdown, as well as Warface, are their prime targets for now.

The studio seemed to be struggling a bit at the moment, very slightly some fluctuation basically and not just because of the Hunt: Showdown’s release. There are a lot of considerable changes taking place at the moment in the company, with the change of management these fluctuations were bound to happen.

Although due to the investment of capital made last fall, Crytek has been able to fortify the company and has been able to prepare for the future growth.

Cevat Yerli has been adding encouraging words for the company but despite those, the company has had significant financial problems over the few years. The financial situation if you remember back in 2014 was pretty bad that there came a point when the developer was unable to pay its employees. Though considering that it pretty astonishing that the company has been able to come out of that sinkhole.

It has not all been bad for Crytek because a lot of new expectations are set for the company and it would prove really great for the company if the Yerli brothers see the Crytek’s success through the consistent development phase of Hunt Showdown.

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Overall let us hope that the new joint CEO Of Crytek takes the company to success at a steady pace.