Activision Blizzard Has a $4.4B Long-Term Debt Outstanding

Very recently Activision Blizzard released their 2017 investor report and a lot of new information regarding the finances of the company has come to light. The information that has come to light doesn’t seem promising for the company as it appears so that Activision Blizzard is under a lot of debt, $4.4 billion to be precise.

Yes, you read that right the company is under a $4.4 billion long-term debt which is certainly a lot of money even for a large business like Activision. With that said it is not uncommon for large, business like these to have long-term debts.

Most of the times if a company is not able to clear its debt then they don’t get shut off but rather get taken over. What that means is that all the games that were rolled out previously as well as new projects will then be in the new management’s control.

Such situations do not prove to be good for the gamers as they have a lot of affiliations set with the previous management regarding the style of games they produce.

At the moment not to worry, Activision Blizzard is currently active and is working on lots of projects that are scheduled to roll out this year. According to the amount, last year of the debt was $5.9 billion which has dropped to $4.9 billion this year. So if they keep up this rate, the company will take care of its outstanding debt in the coming years.

Activision also acknowledges the calamity this outstanding debt could bring on which they too have shared that this “debt burden could have important consequences” in near future if not taken care of.

Activision’s latest SEC filing has recently detailed not only the company’s financials but the future results they are expecting and in there we have found that the company has a lot of plans set of 2018.

The company has plans to remaster versions of titles from their library and some references point out that Spyro trilogy remasters maybe in the works as well. With that, there is a lot of probability that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster will also be joining.

Let us hope that everything works out for the company.