The Last of Us Part 2 Is Inspired By A Netflix Original Series, Game Director Reveals

The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives and while Naughty Dog is yet to reveal the release date for the game but, the studio has been talking about the game and revealing new details. This time the studio has revealed that The Last of Us Part 2 dialogues are inspired by a certain Netflix Original show.

Game director Neil Druckmann revealed during his talk at the D.I.C.E that The Last of Us Part 2 dialogues are inspired by “The End of the F***ing World”, which is a Netflix original show.

There’s a show on Netflix called The End of the F***ing World, which is so well written and acted and quirky, and has been totally inspiring for some of the stuff we’re doing in [The Last of Us 2]—more on the dialog stuff.

Not only that, Druckmann revealed that Naughty Dog took inspiration from “Children of Men” during the development of the first game.

In related news, the game is being co-written by Halley Gross who is known for her work on the hit HBO series, Westworld. Neil Druckmann confirmed that Westworld writer will be co-writing the upcoming The Last Of Us 2.

You can also check out the fan-made main menu for The Last Of Us 2 which gives us an idea about how the menu could like. Fans will quickly recognize that the menu uses a mix of aesthetics of the reveal trailer and the menu from the first game.

The Last of Us Part 2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive in development at Naughty Dog and no release date has been announced for the game yet.

However, earlier this year a leak made its way on the internet suggesting that the game will be releasing in 2018.

Source: IGN