Star Wars: The Last Jedi Novel Will Reveal Supreme Leader Snoke Origins – Rumor

When it comes to the source material, there is still very little available to understand the actual origins (and much more) of Supreme Leader Snoke. There is clearly a story lying somewhere for the major antagonist from the original trilogy and that will be revealed when the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi novel releases in the coming weeks.

According to a new report from fan-website Dork Side of the Force earlier today, a lucky fan managed to get an early copy of the novel and was pleastantly surprised to read through details that were omitted from the movie.

The pages contain the true identity of Snoke, his long history before he took power, core events that led him down the dark path, and much more that have so far been kept hidden from the fans.

For those unaffected by spoilers, Snoke apparently once met with a young Luke Skywalker when both of them were searching for lore on the Jedi. It is not known whether the meeting was physical or through a vision, but neither of them realized the threat they would pose each other in the future.

Even as a child, Snoke was greatly gifted in using the Force. He was able to harness it to explore the days to come and was fully aware of the things he would be doing. In fact, he was so powerful that he was able to conceal himself from Emperor Palpatine.

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi novel, written by Jason Fry, is scheduled to release on March 6, 2018. That will be the day when everything will be (hopefully) revealed about Snoke, as well as several other characters in the process. If it was not already obvious, the novel adapts the events from the movie of the same name while offering more details.