Rare Is Honoring Seas of Thieves Easter Eggs To Those Who Have Assisted In The Game

The game Seas of Thieves that is scheduled to roll out this march has a lot of fans waiting for it. While the game is still in its pre-release build, the developers have added some in-game surprises to commemorate those, who have helped, participated or assisted in the game. Seas of Thieves Easter Eggs have been popping up and are humorously interesting.

Throughout Sea of Thieves eight-month pre-build testing, the developers Rare have been giving out Easter eggs to the players who have helped or assisted in the game weather, stormy seas. It doesn’t matter if you have assisted through beta-testing, feedback, moderation or assistance as simple as doing something memorable in-game.

Based on Sea of Thieves official forum, there are 26 known Seas of Thieves Easter Eggs in the game. Each one of them is humorously memorializing a special player on how those players have assisted Rare for the game. This seems like a really cool thing to do. Not only will this be building a goodwill for the game but for the developers as well.

As this does assure players that Rare has a special spot for its fans and players. For example, there is a poster in the drowned Rat Tavern, which reads “Beware. Fizzy Foxy the Notorious Pirate Killer”. This is in order to commemorate Whitney who got the most kills during the technical alpha testing weekend.

Although the easter eggs are not only to commemorate the good achievement, they are also paying tribute to members like Sea Of Thieves community manager IOnEI-Falcon, aka Amir who has the honor of being that player who has died the most in a single play session by falling from ship’s crows nest.

So not only is this setting a good image but is really interesting and humorous. With that said it is not known that whether easter eggs will be included in the main game or not. Although it would be interesting if they do.

While the fans of the game have been waiting anxiously for the release they are on top of any information that rolls out and very recently Rare has shown the Sea Of Thieves skeleton fort encounters in action and they were amazing. So if you have not checked that out then do.

The Game is scheduled to roll out on March 20th, 2018 and will be available on Xbox One and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Sea Of Thieves Easter Eggs? Have you participated in any way? Let us know in the comments below.