Scoring 60,000 Points in New Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike Not That Difficult, Here is How

Destiny 2 servers were recently down for maintenance and in between the Update, 1.1.3 was made available. Seems like with the Destiny 2’s recent Update the weekly Nightfall got a shot, which replaces the timer with a scoring system and prestige challenge cards. To add to that there are new Nightfall emblems including variants that shall drop based on the players clearing through certain score threshold.

Once the player activates the Nightfall’s challenge card they will have the best shot available at racking up higher score to earn those variants of that emblem. The first variant targeting is unlocked by passing 60,000 points and here is how you can maximize the chances of scoring those points.

The first thing to understand is that you don’t need to set every modifier to the highest setting to get to 60,000 points. Whats more important is that you go into the Nightfall with a maxed 33
5 character. From there you will need to apply the 14 handicap for a 2.35x score multiplier. This will put your player at the power level 321.

Now from there, you will need to activate Extinguish which shall return the fire team to orbit in case every member dies. Then by activating the element that the enemies seem to be using least during the strike.

The best available load outs appear to be Scout Rifles in the energy slot with Void damage mods because maintaining a distance will keep players out of the most dangers. Other weapons that can come handy are the masterwork weapons because of their orb generation. All this helps add points to the overall score.

Play smart but keep the time in check as the time passes your score will bleed away. Follow these steps and hopefully, you will be able to score 60,000 points. With that said the Destiny 2 update 1.1.4 will be rolling out this march. It will be tuning weapons for the better. Not only that the update 1.1.4 will be seeing Heroic Strike modifiers, iron Banner 6v6 and some unique rewards for Nightfalls as well as ammo and gameplay tuning.

Destiny 2 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.