Hunt: Showdown Butcher Boss Guide – How To Beat (Beginners Tips)

This Hunt: Showdown Butcher Boss Guide will tell you all about how you can easily defeat the Butcher. It will tell you which weapons are the best, and what other preparations are necessary in order to kill this humungous beast.

As of right now, there are only two bosses in Hunt: Showdown. Butcher is one of them and he can be extremely difficult to kill. It can be hard to decide which weapons will work best against him or which strategy should you be using when playing against it.

Hunt: Showdown Butcher

The first thing you should know is that Rifles are probably not the best way to go. They might work well for the Spider or for facing other players but they will probably not be as effective against the Butcher. What you want is a Shotgun. Against the Butcher, a Shotgun is perfect, as it allows you to easily deal tons of damage.

The Butcher is a large creature so it should not be a problem for you to hit all of your pellets onto its hitbox. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some things which will make your encounter with the Butcher much easier!

How To Defeat Butcher

By far the best weapon to use for the Butcher is the Nitro Express Rifle. It is a Double-Barrel Shotgun, which has the maximum amount of damage and a decent range as well. This will allow you to stay back and evade the Butcher as you safely deal it damage. This is necessary because the Butcher can take you out in just a few strikes.

As far as the strategy is concerned, make sure you use the obvious lack of mobility that the Butcher has to your advantage as much as you can. Kite him around in a circle and fire as many shots as you can. This strategy works well if you have a partner with you as one of you can easily kite the Butcher without fear of death and the other one can fire shots at it until it dies.

Make sure you fire and then run as far away as you can before reloading and firing again. The Butcher will be dead after a few shots.

Sometimes, the Butcher will fall down. This is when you should use as many explosives as you can onto it. Save your frag bombs and dynamites for when he is stunned and down on one of its knees so you can wreak absolute havoc.

Just make sure you do not face him unless you are firing, as it can be surprisingly quick when moving in a straight line. Try to use your teammate if you have one to shift its attention so that the Butcher is unable to focus on one particular target.

The Butcher gets an AoE ability once it has lost half of its health. It will throw fire and set fire to small areas. Do not walk into them as you will take damage and be set on fire. The Butcher itself cannot be set on fire so do not bother using any Fire Bombs or Lanterns.

Keep on repeating all that is mentioned above and the Butcher will eventually die. Beware of other hunters around you as they can easily come in and kill you when you are fighting the Butcher, as the fight can drag on for quite some time.

That is all we have for our Hunt: Showdown Butcher Boss Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!