Apple’s Patent Suggests Future MacBooks To Ditch Physical Keyboard

Apple’s MacBook is one of the flagship products for the company and it seems that the company is looking to remove the physical keyboard from future MacBooks in favor of a touchscreen keyboard if the recent patent from Apple is to be believed.

Apple has been granted a patent which is most likely related to the future Macbooks that might not feature a physical keyboard at all. The patent is titled “dual display equipment with enhanced visibility and suppressed reflections”.

The patent filed by Apple describes two implementations, the first one will have a permanent hinge, however, the second implementation is quite interesting. The second allows the screen to be removed and can be used separately, kind of like the Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

According to the patent, one screen is LCD and the other is OLED, which suggests that one would serve as a touchscreen Keyboard for future MacBooks. Such setup would allow or easy access to a different keyboard layout and other features that are almost impossible for physical keyboards. But, all of this would come at a price of a physical keyboard.

The patent also addresses the second display to be used as a keyboard can result in reflections on the screens and to minimize the reflections, Apple will use polarizer layers and wave plates.

However, future MacBooks ditching the physical keyboard all together is not set in stone as this is just a patent and many of Apple patents have never been seen as an actual product. So take this with a grain of salt since this patent also might not be converted into an actual product.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that we might not be seeing an actual product based on the patent for a foreseeable future as companies tend to patent things way before they decide to actually convert it into a product.

With that being said the idea is genuinely intriguing and we would love to see how Apple manages to convert into an actual product if it ever decides to.

Source: AppleInsider