Warcraft 4 Wishlist – Things We Want, Rumors And Speculations

Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft were great success stories with exciting features and an incredible storyline. Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos was released in 2003 after that the franchise has not made any announcement on the release of a strategy game. We take this time to jot down our Warcraft 4 Wishlist.

It’s been more than a decade since the last Warcraft strategy game. Players are rooting for Warcraft 4 but the franchise has not shown any interest regarding its announcement. Blizzard is currently more focused on the latest releases like Overwatch, StarCraft Remastered, which have done well in their own way.

Warcraft 4 Wishlist – What We Want!

Warcraft 4 has to put a big impact on the players because of the past games. The past games have done very well and fans are expecting great things from this unannounced release. Blizzard always brings great story as they have in the past with StarCraft and Warcraft. These storylines are one of the reasons why they have been so successful.


Warcraft was overall a balanced game with overpowered heroes on every faction with their abilities to heal or AOE damaging like Frost Nova of Lich. As for Death Knight, the Death Coil can do damage to enemies or heal when used on friendly.

Orcs can use Thrall to summon wolves and use AoE chain damage. If Warcraft 4 wants to be a huge success, Blizzard needs to keep the balancing in mind. The abilities should also help the armies in a way that they become very relevant in teamfights.

Overpowered Units And Structures

In the recent games, building new structures was a problem when enemies could one-shot your towers or any other building at the start. For me, it was a problem and there should have been a system where the buildings had their own armor against soldiers. The siege units were not doing a lot of damage to the buildings like towers as the units could take them down quite easily.

New Races

After the release of World of Warcraft, a lot of things changed in the world, especially in Azeroth. Because of many events that happened in the area with the Undead Army and then the shattering of the world by Deathwing, we can also expect a new race, as Monks who were living in Azeroth for a long, long time.

Panda doesn’t sound bad and I really feel like playing that one in particular, if it is added. With new races, there were new conflicts that players will enjoy playing. As for game, you can become a General, command your own army, and make decisions towards the main goal “Victory”.

We can expect strong singleplayer campaign for Warcraft 4 if they follow the same style of Warcraft. Therefore, we can play for different factions and experience their conflicts, as we have done it in Reign of Chaos.


A lot have things have changed but what about Monks, Worgens, and others. We would like to see how these storylines would play out. Furthermore, we would also love to see a complete different side, which will join the conflict between the Humans, Undead, Nightelfs, and other faction.

During the campaign, we want to see not only war but the personal stories as well – personal stories, their agendas, new powers, breathtaking animations, and cutscenes. In other words, we want to see is a repeat of what Blizzard has been doing on a technical level for the past few years.

Local Lobby System

A new local lobby system should be made available, which will make the Online Multiplayer much easier. The lobby will affect the players when they play it online casual or competitive. A reliable Spectator System needs to come forth for players and for streamers.

Mods have made the past game better and more exciting; therefore, there has to be modding. Modding Community has made the game much better than the release.

DOTA is one of the biggest examples of the mods. There should be tools which can make the game easy for creating new mods but also sharing those mods. This will make the community active and players will be involved all around the world.

Whenever the game releases, we can expect that Blizzard will do justice to the game. It will be worth the wait or Blizzard will have a lot of unhappy fans who have been waiting for a long, long time.

This is it for our Warcraft 4 Wishlist. Don’t forget to share things that you would like to see added to the game!