Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough – Story Walkthrough Guide, How To Complete

Metal Gear Survive is a pleasant detour from the regular Metal Gear franchise. It gives us a decent level of challenge when it comes to surviving hordes of the undead with very few resources at our expense. It also comes with a Singleplayer Story which introduces you to the game mechanics and what you will be doing in the online part of the game. Here we have curated this detailed Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough in which we will guide you through all the levels of the Singleplayer Campaign.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough

The story drops you in the shoes of a survivor of the Mother Base incident from Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. We have detailed all the chapters below so you can easily breeze through the story levels and get to the real action online ASAP.

Chapter #0 – Tutorial

You start the game with a tutorial. This section will teach you all about the basic mechanics of the game. When you get control of the survivor, start heading straight. Across the helicopter crash, you will see some broken containers.

Use them to jump across and keep jumping over the gaps until you reach a fence. Climb over the fence using the container and jump to the area ahead. Once you reach the door in the base interior, open the door to meet an XOF operative.

A cutscene will follow and once it is over, you will get your first weapon. Here you will see many undead enemies but engaging them is not advised. Simply run ahead without shooting at anyone. As you run, more of the undead will attack you, breaking down fences.

If you see any corpses lying around, collect all the ammo you can from them but make sure you do not get surrounded by the undead. Get to the stairs; go up and then again down. Hop over the obstacle and you will come face to face with the XOF operative again.

He will give you and overview of what is happening in the game. Once the conversation is over, you will be required to craft a weapon. Find all the necessary items in the room and head to the crafting table. Craft the Pipe Spear and equip it. Once done, use it to break down the wooden barricade to open up the way.

When you reach the sewer, you will encounter a wanderer, the undead enemies of Metal Gear Survive. You can either use melee to engage it or if you want to use stealth, simply avoid it and continue ahead on your path.

Once you see the second wanderer, it is advised that you kill it with stealth. Take it down from the back, find the pipes up ahead, crawl under them and then climb the ladder up ahead. Once you reach the top, you will see the ruined Mother Base. This will complete the tutorial.

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Chapter #1 – Hunger And Thirst

Once at the Base Camp, you can explore it around. There are different things that you can do at the base Camp. You will find different workbenches where you can craft different items. You can craft and upgrade your weapons, gadgets and all gear in the Base Camp.

In addition, here you will construct different facilities, which, as you progress in the game, you will be able to move around as well. Now you need to secure a food and water source because your character will die if your hunger or thirst meter reach zero.

When you arrive at the Base Camp, you will meet Virgil, the AI Pod, which will help you in various ways such as giving you mission briefings. Interact with it and you will get your first task of securing a water and food source.

Look for the yellow circle on your map. You need to head there. You can also open the map and set a custom waypoint there for easy location tracking. Reach the location to find sheep there. Stab a sheep and collect meat from it. Near it, look for water bottles on the covered table. Grab them too.

Once you have collected both the meat and water, head back to the base camp. If you look inside the container, you will find another water bottle and some dirt water. You can collect them both. At the Base Camp, cook the mutton and eat it. Also, drink the water that you found. Never eat uncooked meat, as it will make you sick.

Chapter #2 – First Memory Board

In Chapter #2, you will actually go out in the wild in search of your first Memory Boards. Memory Boards unlock more crafting recipes and functions. They are scattered around the wasteland so you will need to go out there and find them all.

Collecting a Memory Board will unlock new blueprints for crafting items or a new Base Camp function. They are worth collecting and will make your survival in the wild much easier. Before heading out in the wild, you will need to make sure that your Base Camp is secure.

To secure your Base Camp, you will need to craft and put some fences around your Base Camp. To craft a Normal Fence Defense, head to the Gadgets Workbench and find the Defense units tab. There you will find the Blueprints for Normal Fence Defense. Craft as many as you can and head to the location marked on your map.

You can also put some around your base to make it secure. Just make sure that you have at least five or six Normal Fence Defense with you before you head out to secure the Memory Board. On the way to the Memory Board’s location, you will come across a small shack. Grab as many resources from here as you can.

On the southeast from your base, you will see some pipelines. Head towards them and find the narrow passage there. Use the passage and you will end up at a base. You will see it infested with wanderers. If you see some red crystalline plants in the narrow passage, break them and you will get some Kuban crystals.

Once you are inside the base, the wanderers will surround you. Put some fences down around you and attack the undead from inside these fences. You will be safe as long as you are inside the fences and the wanderers cannot reach you until they break down the fences.

Once they are down, collect Kuban from the dead bodies and search the whole base. Kill any remaining wanderers from Kuban energy and collect as many resources as possible. Once you have thoroughly searched the base, collect the Memory Board and return to your Base Camp to complete the chapter.

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Chapter #3 – Into the Dust

This is a long and dangerous mission so we recommend that you stock up on food, water and supplies before heading to the mission area, The Dust. The Dust is deadly because it is a cloud that kills anyone who enters it. You will need to find an Air Tank before heading to The Dust.

We will explain how in due time but for now stock up on food, water and supply and any other new crafting items at the workbenches. Another way to collect resources is by clearing up trash around your Base Camp. You can clear up rubble with the help of Move/Repair/Deconstruct tab.

If you can, craft a Medical Workbench as well. Clearing up rubble around your Base Camps allows you to craft more structures in it. Once you are all stocked up and ready to go, head towards the east memory board first.

On your way, you will encounter some wolves. Use your spear to get rid of them. Once you reach the east base, you will notice that the base is once again flooding with wanderers. Use the fences that you brought for the mission and block the gate completely with them. Now run around and gain all the wanderers attentions.

Once they see you and come close to the fences, start stabbing them through the fences and kill them. Hopefully you will be able to take out all of them like this. If they manage to break a fence, quickly place another one in its place.

If face-to-face confrontation is not your style, you can also use stealth to get past all the wanderers. For the stealth approach, once you enter the base, immediately turn right and climb the roof. Once you are high enough, the wanderers will not be able to reach you. Now you can jump and run across the roofs to reach the right side of the main building.

Once there, use the cooling machinery to access the first rooftop. Find the ladder and use it to reach the maintenance shack. Inside, look around and collect as many materials as you can. Once you are done with the scavenging, collect the Memory Board and head back outside the same way you came in from.

Before heading to the west Memory Board, head back to your Base Camp and restock on all supplies that you used in the first half of the mission. Unlock new blueprints from the Memory Board you just collected and see if you want to craft anything new from the unlocked items. Once you are stocked up and ready, head to the west base.

Head north from your base towards the yellow circle. On your way, you will come across a canyon and many other good resource locations. Make sure that you continue collecting as many resources as possible before heading to the objective.

Inside the canyon, head inside the small room to find a Kuban Crystal Plant. Collect its crystals and look around for more resources. You will also want to collect the damaged air tank from the corpse, as it is required for the next part of the mission. Once you are satisfied with the looting, collect the Memory Board and head back outside.

As you try to head back to the Base Camp, you will notice that the canyon, once empty, is now filling with wanderers, which means you will have to eliminate them. Start building fences around you to keep them at bay and start attacking them with your spear once they are near the fence.

You can also avoid them by jumping above the container and waiting until all of them are crowded around it. Once they have all gathered around the container, jump over them and run towards the Mother Base. They will not be able to follow you because they are slow. Reach the Mother Base and get ready for the final Memory Board.

Synchronize with Virgil to unlock the Blueprint for the Air Tank. You can craft one at the gear Workbench. Once done, restock on supplies, equip the Air Tank and head towards The Dust. Inside The Dust, find the rocks located to the south of the camp and find the room with the Memory Board inside it. Ignore everything and run inside the room. Collect the Memory Board and barricade the door.

Kill any wanderers if they approach you. You can look around the room for supplies but make sure to scavenge two large containers in the base for weapon blueprints. Look for blueprints inside both of the containers. They will unlock Burkov Pistol, Soviet Beret and BDU for you to craft back at the Base Camp.

Chapter #4 – The Wormhole Transporter

Chapter 4 will again send into the deadly Dust to activate your first Wormhole Transporter. After this main mission, you will get many optional missions to activate more Transporter around the game world occasionally. They help in moving around the game quickly so we recommend that you try to activate as many transporters as possible.

Before setting off to The Dust, stock up on resources and ammunition. Make sure you have plenty of fences ready. Fences will come extra handy because once a Transporter is activated; you will be required to defend it for a little time from attacking wanderers.

You unlock the Wormhole Generator automatically at the star of Chapter 4. Now you need to head out and activate other Wormhole Generators so you can easily teleport between them for quick movement.

If you managed to collect the blueprints for the Burkov Pistol from the last mission, we recommend that you craft it and use it in this mission. Once you are ready to head out, set your direction to southeast and enter the Dust. Keep heading straight and you will end up at a small abandoned base. It will be visible via a blue light inside the Dust. Activate the Wormhole Transporter here and get ready for hordes of wanderers to attack this location.

Block the entrance to the base with fences that you brought along. After the main entrance, head to the back-right corner of the base and put some fences there too. We recommend that you block both these entrances before you start the activation sequence.

If you have some time, before initiating the sequence, look around for any resources that you could collect. Unlock the large container in the room near the Wormhole Transporter to find a Survival Bow recipe and Survival Arrow Recipe. Craft them at the Base Camp once the mission is complete.

Chapter #5 – Rescue the Castaway

After this mission, you will have an ally to help you in Metal Gear Survive but first you must go and rescue them. This mission can get a little tedious if you are not careful in your approach. You have to go in The Dust, find a helicopter crash site, carry a nurse to safety and then defend a Transporter while it activates.

So like always, once you see the initial mission cutscene, stock up on your ammo and resources and head into The Dust. Once inside it, find the burning crash site. Once you reach the crash site, look for an ambulance in the valley to your right. You will find a survivor on some rocks near the ambulance.

Before you jump in the valley blindly, keep an eye out for all the wanderers down there as the valley is filled with them. Plan a route and reach the nurse safely. Now you have to carry her. Pick her up and head to the locked door inside the valley. Unlock the door and get inside the base.

Inside find a safe spot to put the nurse down and take down all five wanderers in the valley. Once the area is secure, pick up the nurse, head to the Wormhole Transporter and drop the nurse near it before activating the activation sequence.

This is a short battle and the Wormhole Transporter will take s short time before activating itself. Kill any wanderers that try to attack it. Once the sequence is complete, transport back to the Base Camp with the nurse to complete the chapter. Once the mission is complete, return to the Helicopter Crash Site and the transporter location to find a lot of resources and blueprints. Check all the containers in these two areas to find many blueprints.

Also at the start of the mission, before heading to the nurse, you can also complete some side missions such as unlocking some more Wormhole Transporters, scavenging areas for loot or hunting animals for food.

Chapter 6 – Exploring Ruins 01

Chapter 6 of the single player campaign will take you underground to a hidden ruin. These underground locations in Metal Gear Survive are full of resources but also full of threats. You will face exceptional amounts of wanderers down these sections. However, the awesome loot make these trips worth the trouble.

The first ruin that you visit in Metal Gear Survive is after rescuing the nurse in Chapter 5. Before heading out, speak with her for an optional side-quest in the same ruins that you will go to. The next Memory Board is located in these ruins so get everything ready, stock up on food, water, ammo and fences and get going.

Before heading down, do not forget to visit the Virgil AT-9 terminal and assign your crewmembers to different tasks. Since currently you only have Miranda, the nurse, assign her to the Base Development Team allowing you to build gardens. To grab some potatoes for a garden, you can visit the Wormhole Transporter #3 and look for some near the burned area.

Once you are all suited up, head to the Wormhole Transporter #3 and go to the helicopter crash site. There you will see some big Ruins that you can enter. Before you head there, find the hill to the right where some turrets are located. Near these turrets, there will be a container. Grab everything inside it.

You will find a Flashlight and a Chemical Light inside this container that will help you navigate in the ruins. They also help you see during the nighttime. Now head back to the ruins entrance and enter the ruins. Inside the ruins, you will come across a door, unlock it and head straight until you see some wanderers.

Take them down through the locked door using your melee weapons and head downstairs. Below you will come across a large wanderer that looks like it carrying some load on its head. These are bombers. When they are near their death, they will explode. Their main means of damaging you are explosions so avoid getting too close to them.

If you are good at stealth, you can use stealth and take it down from behind quietly. Once the bomber is down, collect the Memory Board near it and climb the ladder accessible from the back entrance. Once above, collect the blueprints from the large container in the room.

Keep climbing the stairs and you will reach the outside world. Once out, you will encounter the Lord of the Dust, which is a huge boss. At this point, you cannot defeat it. We recommend that you run away from the boss and head back to your Base Camp as quickly as possible. Use the Wormhole Transporter #3.

Chapter 7 – Secure the Digger

In Metal Gear Survive, the rarest of all currencies is IRIS energy. This can only be acquired through Wormhole Diggers. In Chapter 7, you will work towards securing your very first Wormhole Digger.

The Wormhole Digger that you need to acquire is a little far from the Wormhole Transporter #2. At the base, prepare all the necessary items you need such as food, water, fences and ammo. Create any new items that you want from the new blueprints that you acquired. Once you are all stocked up to go out, transport to the Wormhole Transporter #2 and start heading towards the location marked on your map. Keep heading until you reach Clear Zone valley. Here you will encounter a large group of wanderers.

Deal with them however, you want or you can avoid them and run to the base. You will notice that the base is locked up with no entry points in plain sight. However, look for the big pile of crystalized debris. That is your way in.

Use the Upgraded Wormhole Extraction Device on this debris to clear it. This device is very handy as it can clear any areas blocked by Kuban crystal debris such as the door to Transporter #3. Once you have cleared the debris and entered the base, close it with some fences quickly.

Put at least six fences back and front to increase the strength of the defense. Before initiating the Digger sequence, start the sequence for the nearby Wormhole Transporter. Once the sequence for the Transporter is complete, scavenge for parts in the area and once you are content with the loot, initiate the Digger sequence.

Now you just need to defend the digger until the activation sequence is complete. Once the process is complete, you will have your first Wormhole Digger and a permanent source for IRIS energy. Once you are done with everything, head back to your Base Camp to complete the mission.

Before reaching the base, while you are in the valley area, you can also complete an animal hunt side quest. You will also find a large container there near the Oasis with some cool recipes in it such as the Survival Spear blueprint.

Chapter 8 – Defend the Digger

This is your first taste of what Metal Gear Survive is all about, base defense. This chapter takes place inside your Base Camp where wanderers are going to attack in full force and you must defend your base from being destroyed.

Start the chapter by building a Campfire and a Hanging Pot. You can use the Construction Terminal for crafting them. Now you can purify that dirty water that you have been carrying around for a long time. Build some Rainwater Tanks as well to collect some water when it rains.

Next, build fences all around you base. Since you need to defend your entire base, we cannot risk leaving any structure undefended because once destroyed; you will have to spend resources to build them again. Sandbags also provide good cover and defense against the wanderers. Put some sandbags around your base as well.

For this mission, your focus must be south side of your base. Most attacks will come from the south side. You should put the best and the strongest defenses to the southern entrance of your base.

Start the Wormhole Digger and get ready for the wanderer waves to attack. Always use a spear to stab them through the fences. Never leave even one at a side alone, as it will eventually break through your fences opening the way for future waves.

You will also come across many bombers during these waves. Best way to deal with them is by backstabbing them as they die without exploding. However, if you use any other means of killing them, they will eventually explode dealing damage to anything near them. Even if they explode near your fences, your fences will take some serious damage. Try to take out as many as you can with backstabs.

You need to keep one thing in mind. Construction Terminal is not available for the duration of these waves. Therefore, you need to build everything before starting the defense. Prepare well and keep a good stock of everything ranging from food, water, arrows, spears, fences to ammo.

Once the waves are complete, you will get in contact with Director Gruen who will brief you on the current state of the digger and explain what you need to do next.

Chapter 9 – Secure the Singularity

Chapter 9 is perhaps a difficult mission as compared to the previous ones. It is similar to the previous chapter only it now takes place in the middle of the map and you do not have access to any of your crafting tables.

For this mission, you need to collect Singularity from the digger in the middle of the map. However, before starting the main mission, you must complete some side missions and prepare well for the main event.

Speak with Miranda for a side-quest about recruiting a new crewmember for your Base Camp. She will tell you about a recruit sending out distress signals. Head to his location and recruit him for you Base Camp. Once that is done, start prepping for the mission.

Gear up on ammo, weapons, items, food, water and fences. Remember that you will not be able to craft anything once you are at the Singularity location. SO make sure that you are going well prepared. Once you are ready, head to the location marked on the map.

On your way, you will reach another Transporter, which should be Transporter #6 if you have been unlocking all from the previous chapters. This Transporter is vital for this mission, as it will greatly shorten your distance from the Singularity location and the Base Camp.

On your way, you will come across many other resource collection points as well so make sure that you are collecting them on the go. At the end, transport to the Transporter #6 so that you have plenty of oxygen for the real mission. If you run out of oxygen during the mission, you can spend some Kuban to buy more at the risk of damaging your tank.

Make sure you have some mines, fences, barbed wires, sand bags, one ranged weapon and a shotgun with you. Also, buy a heavy attack from the Survivor class skill menu. These heavy attacks are very heavy during heavy waves.

When you activate the singularity, the paths of the attack waves will be shown on your map. Use them and fortify the locations. During these missions, wanderers will follow these paths so it will become very easy for you to see where the attacks will come from.

Even out of these paths, only a single one will have the bluntest of attacks. Rest of the paths will have a small number of wanderers, which will act as a distraction rather than a main attack. Bombers will accompany regular wanderers as well.

You will have to defend against three waves, each more powerful than the last one. You will not have to use much advanced defense units against the initial waves however be prepared to use mines, advanced fences and heavy attacks on the later waves. Try to take out as many bombers as possible using backstabs.

Once the third wave is over and the timer is up, all remaining wanderers will be automatically killed by the red energy wave. Once complete, a glowing box will appear full of loot. Take the loot and head to the base camp for the next chapter.

Chapter 10 – Rescue the Kid

In this chapter, you will get to experience the Walker Gear in its full glory. You will have to go out and rescue a survivor sending distress signals. As usual, prep up your gear and food, you will not really require too much preparation as you will be using the Walker Gear but we still want to go out in the wild all prepared.

Once you are all geared up, head out from your base in any direction to trigger the distress call. You will get to know that Miranda has the left the base to answer a distress call. You need to go after her. Transport to Transport #6 and quickly go to the area marked in blue for the Walker Gear has washed up’ side quest. Enter the base, grab the Decoy recipe from the large container and enter the Walker Gear.

You will come face to face with a horde of wanderers but you can run away from them. Save your ammo for the real fight. Now head towards the yellow marker for the main quest. Once there, look for a large container on the hill under the village for a Goat Cage recipe. Collect the recipe and sneak to the source of the distress beacon.

Here you will come across a new type of enemy by the name of Watchers. They are flying creatures with a ranged attack and deadly accuracy as they have laser pointers. They are exceptionally weak against guns specially the Walker Gear’s guns. Always engage Watchers with guns otherwise, they will be a serious threat to any mission.

Here you will find a kid, which you need to carry to a nearby transporter and defend the transporter until it activates. The area, which you need to go through, is filled with wanderers and watchers. We will suggest that you avoid combat at this point and run straight to the transporter.

Once there, drop the kid in an interior room and initiate the activation sequence. Here you must make your stand with the Walker Gear. The main threat here is the hill. Keep your focus there but a small amount of wanderers will also attack from the opposite gate. When they do, your guns will make short work of them.

Hold the area until the short sequence ends and the transporter is active. Pick up the kid and use the Wormhole Transporter to head back to the base. Once back, you will see that Reeve is back with Miranda as well. This will conclude the chapter.

Chapter 11 – Exploring Ruins 02

Time to explore another ruin in Metal Gear Survive. However, before you start with the chapter, we will recommend that you complete some side quests and hunting. Go back to the transporter you unlocked in the last chapter and explore the area for resources. You will find two more transporters near it that you can activate.

Explore the area for more resources and then head back and access Virgil to learn about sharing the resources with your teammates. This is very important mechanic of the game. Every resource that you collect in the game is shared by your teammates. This is how it works in the online so the single player is giving you a feel for the mechanic.

For the time being, you should build a food/medical mutualization center so that they all have access to food and medical supplies. We recommend that you try to build as many food and water supply structures in the Base Camp so that their stocks are automatically refilled. As for the medical supplies, you will have to collect and supply them yourself. Miranda can also help in this case, as she is a nurse.

When you are done with the base and exploration part, suit up and prepare to explore the ruins. Before heading inside the ruins, activate the transporter near it, located just north of it, to make your trip short. Now head back to the entrance of the ruins and enter them. These ruins can be explored thoroughly or could be rushed through. It all depends on you.

If you do not want to explore them thoroughly at this point, we recommend that you come back at a later time to explore them thoroughly as they are gold mines when it comes to resources. As soon as you enter the ruin, you will see a large container in the first room on the left. Grab everything you find inside it and head back. Continue to debris pile, climb through and keep heading down.

Once you reach the cargo room down below, you will encounter another new form of enemies called crawlers. They are giant spider type enemies that can walk on the walls, roof and ground as well. They will start converging on your location however; you can just run straight ahead and get to the scaffolding located on the right side.

You will find the Memory Board in the room located on the back right and second floor of the cargo warehouse. You will also find many other supplies here so make sure that you at least go through this area thoroughly on your first playthrough. Once you are done, use the ladder in the room opposite to this area to get out of the warehouse.

Once in the second warehouse, you can climb the pipes to grab a secret color collectible. In this ruin, you will also find some wheelchair parts, which are required by Chris, the kid you rescued in the previous mission, so he can help around in chores around the base. The first part is located in the medical hallway before the first warehouse.

You will find another after climbing the stairs for the second warehouse. Make sure you grab these parts in your first playthrough. Return to your base to complete the chapter. We highly recommend that you return to this ruin after some time, as there are tons of resources waiting for you to collect here.

Chapter 12 – Rescue the Cop

Chapter 12 is about finding another castaway and bringing him back to your base to add him to your crew. This time we will go and rescue a cop. Since Chris now has a wheelchair, if you found the parts in the last chapter, you can assign him to any team of your liking such as the new Exploration Team.

You can now also build an Exploration Team Ready Room. For this crew, you will need more people as well which we will find in due time. These teams can be dispatched on Deployment Mission, which give you great rewards when completed.

Another thing that you will need to give special attention is your water source. Until this chapter, your water source will most probably dry up. To counter this, build as many Rainwater Collectors and Water Purifiers as you can so that you can have clean water for yourself and your whole crew. You can also collect dirty water from all the transporter bases you have unlocked so far and return back quickly to your Base Camp.

Once you have taken care of these few things, get suited up, stock up on supplies and travel to Wormhole Transporter #9. We recommend that you stick to the road or else you might get lost trying to reach the mission location. Staying on the marked roads will also ensure that your map keeps working which will stop if you enter The Dust’s wild.

Keep following the roads and you will eventually end up in a large village. Here you will come across many wanderers. Stealth is your best option here. Sneak past any wanderers that you come across. Do not forget to check out the farm in the village. You can collect some corn from here, which you can plan at your base camp.

Once you are ready to move on, head uphill from the village towards the Clear Zone. You will find the castaway here. Locate him inside a crashed car and take him to the nearby Wormhole Transporter. The base will be surrounded by wanderers so stick to the sides and sneak inside the base.

Put the cop down somewhere safe and start securing the base inside out. Once the insides are secured, start putting down fences to block the entrances and initiate the sequence. Keep killing wanderers and putting up more fences as required until the sequence is complete. Return to your base to complete the chapter.

Chapter 13 – Secure Singularity 02

Before starting this mission, you need to do some extra work to make sure that you are well prepared for this mission. Start with assigning the new crewmember Nicholas to the Food Supply Team. Construct a smoker at your Base Camp. Cooking on the smoker will result in smoked food items, which do not degrade quickly.

Build some medical farms around your Base Camp and assign Miranda to the Medical Team. Make sure you are not missing any resourceful structure. Once you have one of everything build in your base, you will have a fully functioning and self-sustaining base. Speak with your crewmember to get new castaway missions.

Complete as many side quests and side missions. Return to the Transporter #10 and head to the village located to the south. Explore the village thoroughly. You will find an enhanced spear, an assault rifle and a machine gun turret here. The enhanced spear, assault rifle and its ammo are located inside the village.

For the turret, you must find the crashed convoy located on the side of the road leading to the nearby Clear Zone. This turret is vital for this mission. Once you have all the items ready and you are stocked up on all consumables, head to the Wormhole Digger to get ready for the mission.

Once there, do not put any fences down right off the bat. You must start the sequence first and check where the wanderers will come from. This area is particularly challenging because the wanderers will use roofs and interior of buildings to get to know. You must first see where the attacks are coming from.

Once the waves have started and you know where the bluntest of the attacks are coming from, you can start laying down defenses such as fences, mines, traps and the handy turret you picked up. Bombers will accompany the wanderers from the rooftops so make sure that you are ready to take them out before they explode. Once all three waves are over, the mission will be complete.

Chapter 14 – Base Expansion

Chapter 14 is very small and requires you to expand your base camp. It is a short chapter. For completing the chapter, simply open the Construction menu and clear all debris around your base. If you get an error while expanding your Base Camp, it means that you have missed some debris around the base. Clear it and try again. Once the base expansion is complete, the chapter will conclude.

Chapter 15 – Escaping Dite

For the final chapter of this map, you will escape Dite with your crewmembers. For the initial part, the mission will be a base defense mission. Now that your Base Camp has expanded, the initial area will come in the center. Leave the initial walls as they are. They will serve as a second layer of defenses against the wanderer waves.

Start building fences and other defenses in the new expanded area. Make sure none of the borders is without fences. Build some turrets around the area. Secure them even further with fences.

Lay down some traps and mines at all approach areas. Make sure you have plenty of ammo, food and water. Craft the assault rifle and its ammo you found earlier. This will help you a lot during this mission.

Keep this thing in mind that after this mission, you will leave this area. So craft up as many things as you can and explore the area as much as you want to. Once you start the final Wormhole Digger sequence, there is no going back.

Once you are ready to leave Dite for good, start the digger sequence and get ready to keep massive hordes of wanderers at bay. They will come in full force. The good thing is that only standard wanderers will appear during this mission. No special variants such as the bombers, watchers or crawlers make an appearance here.

Use you weapons, traps, fences and turrets placed to ward off the horde. Keep putting down new fences on the go, as you do not want wanderers in your base. Once the timer is complete, you will be required to rush to the Mother Base and escape through the wormhole with your team.

During this phase of the chapter, Lord of Dust, the giant creature from before will make its appearance. This time it will be outside the dust so you can see it completely. It is massive in size and you cannot battle it.

Once you get back in control, pick up Chris and start running towards the markers in the Mother Base. Here some crawlers will attack you so be ready to dodge them, attacking them is not an option here. Cross the bridges and avoid getting punched by the Lord of Dust. Once you reach the top, you will escape the Dite safely. Watch the cutscene and get ready for the next chapter.

Chapter 16 – Exploring the New Area

You will arrive at a new map in this chapter, which looks a lot like Africa. The surroundings will be full of green, jungle environments and new monsters that are much harder to defeat than the wanderers of the previous map are. The good thing is however, unlike the previous map, you do not have to start fresh. You simply take control of an already established forward base.

You first objective of the new map is to find a Memory Board here. Start with exploring the new base. Check all crafting stations and craft as much new gear as you want. You will find new weapons, gadgets and gear to craft, which are much better than the last map. When you are ready to go hunt for the Memory Board, load up and start heading towards the tunnel located to the northwest.

When the tunnel finishes, you will end up in the Dust so be prepared. As soon as the tunnel ends, you will come face to face with the new enemies this map has called Grabbers. They are sneaky and like to hide as red plants around the area. They only reveal themselves when you get close enough so your best bet of locating them before they attack is by paying close attention and listening to the hissing sound that they make.

If they manage to grab you with their tentacles, use R2 or RT to escape. You can also pull them out of the ground at this point if you are quick enough.

You should avoid leaving them behind because if you leave them after pulling them out, they will dig under the ground again and then prepare to ambush you at some other location. Come prepared with ammo while trying to take them down. For the memory board, keep heading straight forward and down the hill.

Find the camp on the water and collect the Memory Board from there. The water will be infested with Wanderers so watch out for them. Also at the back of the camp, you will find a large container surrounded by grabbers. Near the Memory Board, look around for items and you will find plenty of useful items. Near the waterfall, you will find another large container. Check that out for items as well. Once you are done, head back to the Base Camp and your chapter will be complete.

Chapter 17 – Getting More Recruits

In this chapter, you need to go out and bring back two more survivors back to your Base Camp safely. One of the them is a former Mother Base Mercenary while the other one is a member of the Charon Corps. You will also face another new type of enemy in this chapter, which is so far the hardest of all the enemies you have come face to face with.

The new enemy type is called Trackers and they have the ability to jump long distances with their super jump ability. You cannot simply evade them by climbing buildings and running away. They can climb tall cliffs, jump to higher places and land some seriously damaging high flying kicks and punches. They are not easy to run away from so it is best to engage them and kill them if they see you.

Before heading to the location where the device is located, you can do some sheep or zebra hunting left of the tunnel or southwest of your forward operating base. Make sure you have an assault rifle and a decent amount of ammo before you head towards your objective. Assault Rifle and Sawed-Off Shotgun works really good against Trackers.

You can try your best to sneak behind the trackers and kill them with one shot but if they see you, you have no option other than sticking to ranged combat as they are hard to kill with melee without dealing damage to you too. Use stealth as much as possible in the valley and use lure bottles to lure any grabbers hiding in their places. Listen to the hissing.

Once you arrive at the marker using the ramp like cliffs, you will come to a locked metal door. Pick the lock and enter to trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over you will have an injured Mother Base mercenary and a member of Charon Corps with you. Carry the injured Mercenary to the nearest Transporter and put them somewhere safe.

To reach the transporter, you can use the ledge and the drop down into the canyon with the destroyed bridge. Look for a path to the waterfall on your left and use the metal ramp to reach the other side of the canyon. Now you can run to the Transporter and initiate the sequence. Defend the transporter and the new recruits for one minute and then you can head back to the Base Camp completing the chapter.

Chapter 18 – Exploring Sahelanthropus

In this chapter, you will get to explore the resting place of humanoid Sahelanthropus. Getting to it is no easy task. To reach the place alone, you will have to activate three Transporters and deal with tons of wanderers including a new type of enemy Mortar wanderers. Before heading out to the marker, stock up on items, food, gear and other important defense items.

Once you are ready to roll out, teleport to Transporter 2 and enter the dust aiming towards your objective. Grab the Walker Gear outside the camp and use it to quickly reach the Transporter 3. We recommend that you follow the road for the easiest way there. You will eventually reach a location where you will encounter a large horde of wanderers with some Trackers thrown in the mix.

Here you will also encounter the new enemy, Mortars. They will fire explosive grenades at you while taking a lot of damage. They are not easy to take down as they also have the ability to shield themselves. They let their guard down when they want to attack you so that is the best time to attack them. Headshots are very effective against them.

Once you reach the Transporter 3, clear the area around it, activate the transporter and get back in the Walker Gear. Eliminate all enemies that appear until the timer runs out. Once the timer is up, all enemies will be defeated. Scavenge around the base for some items specially the Oxygen Supply Camp Unit in the large container. Make sure to grab it along with many other useful things.

Once the Transporter 3 is secure, you can return back at your home base to restock and then head back to the Transport 3. Now start heading towards the final mission marker. Use the river located at the northeast side to continue towards Sahelanthropus. You can stay on the left hand side and avoid all the wanderers and other enemies, as they tend to stick to ruins and structures.

Once you are inside the transporter base outside the main mission search area, you will encounter some bombers. Take them out quietly or however you want and activate the transporter 4. Once it is safe, move to the final location. You can hunt some food near the transporter 4 area if you have to. When you are at the corpse of the Metal Gear near the Transporter Zone in the clear zone, a cutscene will start in which you will meet Dan, a Charon Corps soldier.

Once the cutscene is over, you will have to head back to your base. Activate the transporter and defend it until the timer is up. Watch out for Mortars as well as the new gunner wanderers. Hide behind the water tower and kick explosives at them. Once the timer is up, return to your Base Camp to finish the chapter.

Chapter 19 – Defending Sahelanthropus

This is perhaps the hardest of all chapters of the game. This is a 15 minute long chapter in which you must defend Sahelanthropus against invading wanderer horde that never stops for 15 minutes.

Before this mission, you must take some time, explore different areas unlocked to find resources, craft gear, weapons and items, hunt for food, restock on ammo, turrets, walls, traps and other defensive items and collect water as well. In this mission, your main goal is to use a Wormhole Digger to transport Sahelanthropus back to your forward operating base.

Once you are all stocked up, head to the location marked on your map. Once there, start building up strong defenses on the narrow single entrance, which is facing the waterfall. Put some turrets on the ridge so that they can easily take down Bombers. Mines also work great against them. Use the Bombers against the wanderers and try to explode them between them.

You can also put some turrets near the Transporter base doors so they can finish off any wanderers that make it through your initial defenses. If they are in a tight pack, use explosives such as grenades to take out many in a single hit. Once you are all set, start the sequence and get ready for the assault. Keep replacing broken defense structures, watch out for mortars and use bombers against themselves.

Once the timer is up, you will return to the Base Camp with Sahelanthropus.

Chapter 20 – Defeat Wanderer Seth

Before you head back to your base camp for this boss battle, we recommend that you equip a gun and ammo. S1000 works exceptionally well for this boss battle. Once you arrive back at the base, watch the cutscene and once you know the real plot, you will have to defeat Seth, an agent for Lord of Dust who transforms in a huge wanderer human hybrid.

He will have plenty of powerful attacks and you will have to be extra careful in this boss battle because you can also damage your own base with your own fire. Seth has a powerful shotgun attack that he fires from his arm. He also has a powerful melee attack to stick to ranged combat for the entire time.

The safest place for this boss battle is the equipment in the middle of your base as it cannot be destroyed by Seth and it also keeps the fight away from other base structures that can be destroyed. Once in the center, the battle will turn into a hide and seek battle. As you see an opening, get out and shoot Seth in the head or the weak point at his back. Hitting the weak point at the back causes Seth to stumble, which gives you more time to shoot at him.

Be patient, keep this up, and you will finally defeat Seth thus completing the chapter.

Chapter 21 – Exploring One Last Ruin

Now that you have defeated your first boss, it is time to explore one last ruin before going head to head with the game’s final boss. These ruins are actually a mansion, rather a very familiar mansion if you have played Metal Gear Solid V – Phantom Pain. You have access to both maps now. One where you started the game and has your Base Camp while the other camp that has the Forward Operating Base.

You will need to teleport to the second map since you will still be at the Base Camp one and our next objective is in the second map. You now have access to all the structures in both maps so explore them all and craft any new items that you want to.
Also, stock up on all items that you do before heading out for the mission. This time you need to travel northeast of the location where Sahelanthropus was located. While still at the base, make sure you construct a portable oxygen tank, as you will need for this mission. Without it, the mission will be a lot harder for you finish easily.

Now head towards the Wormhole Transporter 4 and on the way to the marker, you will come to a jungle. Inside this jungle, find the hill where some trees are fallen down across some rocky slopes. There is a large container here, which has blue light.
This light will guide you to the way. There will a few grabbers around this house so try to listen for the hissing sound. Once you are at the back of the house, you will see that you have arrived at a bridge going to the back of the outpost.

Cross the bridges and you will end up in a base, which has a disable Transporter. Just beyond this, you will see that there is an entrance to a big mansion. You can enter from the broken wall. Enter the wall and find the main interior door. Unlock it and enter the mansion. Enter the cellar and make your way to the atrium above. Turn right in the hallway to reach the stairs.

Go up the stairs and you will end up in a large room with which has covered two floors. The memory board is located inside this room. Look for the center and you will find some plants there. After picking up the Memory Board, you can explore the mansion at your will. The whole mansion is full of different useful items so make sure that you perform a through sweep of the mansion including the survivalist compound on the balcony and the large container near the back door in the center.

Once you are done inside the mansion, head to the front of the mansion and look for the tomato farm. If you are lost, head to the basement entrance and circle around the boundary of the mansion and you will arrive at the tomato farm. Grab some tomatoes to plant them at your base. Once done, head back to the base and the chapter will complete.

Chapter 22 – The Final Singularity

This is the final singularity that you have to activate before you defeat the final boss of the game. Just like all defense missions before, stock up on items, weapons, gear, defenses and ammo and head to the marker on your map. Teleport to Wormhole Transporter 6 and find another Transporter base before heading to the final marker. Head north from this location and find the narrow path leading to a large swamp.

Keep following the path and you will find yourself in a canyon. You will find the singularity location right ahead but first you must activate the Transporter at the back. On the right side, you will find a cave. Enter the cave and find the Flame Trap recipe. As soon as you grab the recipe, make sure to craft them right away as they will come in handy for the next parts of the mission.

Now to get to the transporter, it is actually located at the back of the large mining mine. Follow the blue light at the top of the hill because that is where you want to be. To climb to the upper plateau, use the wooden boards and navigate the fences ahead. You will reach the location of the transporter.

Once activated, head back to the location of the singularity. This is actually located in an area, which has many muddy wooden walkways. You will also find a broken down ship in the middle of the area with many passages and bridges around. Use Fire Traps and Flame Traps as much as possible here as they deal some serious damage to enemies.

You will find some mortars here that you need to get rid of before starting the digging procedure. Once you are all set and the area is clear, start the countdown. For this mission, you will have to survive three waves of enemies. Each wave will take around three minutes and you will have to repel different types of wanderers. Most of the enemies will be regular wanderers with some random bombers and trackers joining the party every now and then.

This is a normal defense mission and regular defenses and ammo will suffice. You do not anything extra ordinary to survive in this mission. Once all three enemy waves are defeated and the timer is up, your chapter will conclude.

Chapter 23 – Archea Blade Trap

Preparations for the final battle have began. This is a short chapter and requires you craft the Archea Blade Trap to trap the biggest fish in Dite, the Lord of Dust. When you get the objectives, you will need to acquire four Sensor units, which are located inside a single room in the Transporter 7 base. If you had previously acquired them from the said location, you might need to wait a little time before they appear again.

Once you acquire all the necessary items, craft the Archea Blade Trap from the specials tab in the construction menu. If you need some extra Kuban energy, you can complete some singularity and raid side quests. Once the trap is ready and in place, the chapter will conclude.

Chapter 24 – The Final Battle

This is the final concluding chapter of the single player experience of Metal Gear Survive so you will have to use everything you have got to defend yourself from the invading wanderers and defeat Lord of Dust. Before you star the mission, complete each and everything that you plan on doing. Collect as many recipes, complete side quests and hunts that you may have missed.

Once you have explored the world to your will, it is time to start getting ready for the final battle of the game. This will be the most hard battle so far as the wanderers will come in full force and in the end, you will have to fight Lord of Dust itself. Start stocking up on fences, turrets, mines, traps and start laying them down around your base. We recommend that you keep at least 2 turrets in your inventory at all times.

Put 2 turrets on each entrance of your base and stock up on ammo. You will need a lot of assault rifle ammo and shotgun ammo for this mission. Once you are ready to start the mission, begin the sequence for the Wormhole Digger to start the final battle of Dite. Before Lord of Dust appears, you will have to survive three waves of Wanderer invasion. Each wave will be more difficult than the last one but you will get some time between the waves to resupply.

The first wave will have normal wanderers with bombers so it will not be a big problem to handle. In the second wave, some mortars will show up on a high ledge. You will have to use the machine gun to eliminate them. Also in the second wave, you will have access to some mortars and fire traps. Use them to your advantage. When the third and final wave starts of the battle, so will have many machine guns at your disposal.

Use them along with grenades, molotovs and mines to eliminate the third wave. The third wave will be the hardest of all waves. At one time, a large number of trackers will attack you. Use shotgun or revolver against them. Once they are down, get ready for the final push of wanderers. You might be out of ammo at this point from all of machine gun emplacements.

Here, the turrets in your inventory will come in use. Put them down and start mowing down attacking wanderers. Lay down mines, use grenades and molotovs as much as you can to repel the final wave. Once the wanderers are down, Lord of Dust will be stuck in the trap you set for it. Once you get the objective, run towards the railgun and target the area connecting the first and the second section of the body.

Once the fire has been taken, Virgil will go and merge with the Lord of Dust. Attack the giant demon once again with the railgun once again by aiming at the glowing spot on its head to defeat the boss. Once the Lord of Dust is dead, watch the following cutscenes and your single player campaign will be complete.

This concludes our Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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