Kingdom Come Deliverance Executive Producer Wishes He Had More Time

Kingdom Come Deliverance by Warhorse Studios was awaited by thousands of fans and since its release on 13 February it has been nailing down sales even better than expected. Despite the fact that the game has sold over a million copies in less than 2 weeks since its release, the executive producer of the game has shared his view and some of them are very different to what most of us have been accustomed to.

According to the Kingdom Come Deliverance’s executive producer, Martin Klima, he would have liked more time with the game. In the community Question & Answers on the official forum, the executive producer answered multiple questions asked by the fans of the game. Among which the producer shared his view about not having the chance to polish the game enough before release.

A great many other things were discussed from Martin Klima’s favorite music playlist to his everyday activities. With all that he also talked about Kingdom Come Deliverance being considered as AAA game by many although the budget is nowhere near to what the AAA games require.

The EP of the game considers that AAA games like Assassins Creed or Shadow of War are more inclined towards forgiving gameplay style.

According to him such games that are more forgiving are better suited to the casual and absent minded-players. He added that they would have made the game better with more time and budget.

Klima ended the conversation on the Q&A by thanking the community and letting the fans know that they have been the best fans he could expect for the game.

The game is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.