GTA Online May Have Considerable Changes In Near Future, Trademark Listings Spotted

The American video game publisher, Take-Two Interactive seems to be making some decisions that appear to be bold. Earlier this month the parent company of Rockstar Take-Two filed two trademark applications related to GTA logos. What considerably imply that GTA Online may be going through some kind of a facelift in near future.

What’s interesting is that one logo seems to be for GTA Online. According to the trademark application, one can see the familiar “G, T” and the lowercase “a” letter along with an uppercase letter “O” for the first time that is. The parent company, of Rockstar, already holds the trademark for Grand Theft Auto Online. So what this means is that Rockstar may be looking for something shorter regarding GTA Online. Probably as an option and not as a replacement.

The other trademark application filing was for the standard “G, T” and the lowercase “a”. Both of the applications for the trademark were initially filed in the first week of February this year and both of them were submitted with a specimen of the Xbox One edition of the game GTA 5.

It is at the moment pretty unclear why the parent company Take-Two has filed for these new trademark applications. Right now these are mere speculations although these trademark applications do point out that there is something being cooked by the company.

We all know how silent the company normally is regarding the public comments. It seems highly unlikely that the company follows up on this newly filed application thing. In due time we will surely know what it actually means.

Talking about GTA Online, very recently an Update for the online version rolled out and it has added new cars. New flashy sports car, Lampadita Viseris is available at the Legendary Motorsport at a pice of 875,000. So update to get that if you want.

GTA Online is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.