Far Cry 5 Vehicles Of Mayhem Will Spice Things Up, Customizations and More

Scheduled to roll out in march Far Cry 5 has thousands of fans booked for the game. The all favorite action-adventure first-person shooter video game Far Cry 5 has revealed some details about the vehicles that will be available in the game. Talking to IGN the team has revealed some insights and Far Cry 5 Vehicles Of Mayhem are going to blow your mind.

If you remember the trailer of Far Cry 5 that rolled out very recently we were introduced to some guns for hire in the game. We were introduced to some NPCs that will be available in the game. Some of those NPCs were shown with the vehicles that they seemed to be attached with.

So one of those vehicles of Mayhem is Karmina which is owned and loved by Nick Rye the NPC in the game who will be assisting you using that plane. That plane has been in his family for generations and with guns fitted it can pop on and pop out on the radar as quickly as possible and destroy anything in its path.

Other than that there is a helicopter fitted with loads of guns that can blow things from miles away. This chopper is in possession of another NPC Adelaide Grubman aka Chopper Queen.

Leavin the NPCs there are going to be multiple vehicles available for you that can bring mayhem but there are some really specific ones as well like the Widow Maker. The team gave some insight on that vehicle and it is super crazy.

Widowmaker is a truck to which the team member has referred to as Optimus Prime. Getting into it will enable you to destroy everything that comes in its path. It is equipped with machine gun and basically represents a demolition derby style. So you have an idea what it can do.

On top of everything, there is nothing more classic that can beat the vibe of a Muscle car. The people are attached to their Muscles and that is why Far Cry 5 Vehicles will also contain muscle cars. You will be able to travel to places as fast as you can with these cars.

With all that said in Far Cry 5 Vehicles will be customizable, players can add their own weapons to their likings. There will be a variety of options for customization of vehicles of all sorts. From fitting in almost any weapon available to the outer looks of the vehicles based on your playstyle.

The game Far Cry 5 will roll out in exactly one month from now, on March 27 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: IGN