Demon’s Souls Servers Will Be Shutting Down On February 28

Demon’s Souls servers have had a good run, but the multiplayer servers to the game will finally be shutting down in two days, on February 28. While the game will still be playable, players will no longer be able to invade one another or be summoned to help each other out.

Demon’s Souls is the beginning of the Soulslike genre, the genre of difficult games that revolve around collecting some nebulous currency in order to level up and buy items while fighting through areas where even so-called “regular” enemies can kill you if you aren’t careful.

The game’s plot revolved around an eldritch monster known as the Old One being awoken by the Kingdom of Boletaria’s misuse of the Soul Arts, which caused a mysterious fog to blanket the kingdom and begin spreading across the world. Players had to go through the game’s multiple areas, fighting enemies and bosses of all kinds, to reach the Old One and lull it back to sleep.

While the game has been almost completely eclipsed by the much more favorably looked at and memorable Dark Souls series, Demon’s Souls still gave the Soulsborne genre its start and made From Software a household name.

Demon’s Souls servers have been on the verge of shutting down for years, especially since the game originally came out in 2009. While From Software’s own forays into the Soulsborne genre have come to an end, other games like Nioh and Code Vein have started to pick up the slack.

The Demon’s Souls servers shutting down means that players might have a harder time going through the game than they used to. The servers shutting down means no more player messages but those left deliberately by the developers, no more bloodstains to let you know where players died, no more being summoned to help a player out against a tough enemy or area, and (thankfully) no more invasions.

Either way, if you want to go through one last multiplayer-filled romp before the Demon’s Souls servers shut down, you’d best hurry.