Everything You Need To Know About Kickstarter-backed Survival RPG We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a survival RPG developed by Compulsion Games and Gearbox Entertainment. Coming from straight from the developers that gave us Contrast, We Happy Few looks like a stellar title and shows us what the studio is really capable of.

Everything About We Happy Few

Revealed back in 2015, We Happy Few started its journey as a Kickstarter project. With quickly meeting the goal within one month, We Happy Few has come a long way since then. Here we have all the details that you need to know about this stellar upcoming RPG.

We Happy Few is a unique RPG and it is something that we have never played before. Developed on Unreal Engine 4, it looks amazing both gameplay wise and graphical wise. You can check out We Happy Few’s 2016 trailer below:


Set in the 1960’s England, the game has a very alternate retro-futuristic feel it. The game is based in the town of Wellington Wells, which looks like a regular town of its era. However, not everything is right in this town.

The people of Wellington Wells seem to be very happy about everything. Judging from the fact that they have recently survived the horrors of a war, this seems fishy. Story unfolds this mystery behind the happiness by introducing the authorities, which are using special pills called Joy to keep people sedated, and thinking only about happy things.

People who refuse to take these pills are called ‘Downers’ and they are the ones who can really see the real situation of the city in its shambled state. Joy keeps people sedated so they are blind to the real problems and they can only see happy things even in the ruined form.

We step in the shoes of one of such downers who refuse to take the pills and now want go get out of Wellington Wells. You will team up with some downers and create a plan to escape from the city. Your story will not be limited to just one character.

You will experience the lives of different citizens and how they are trying to survive as a downer. Events taking place in the world of We Happy Few will affect the lives of these citizens in different ways. We will get to experience the events with different perspectives of all citizens that we play with.

The city has different parts that you can explore and take quests in. Each part of the city has a unique feel to it and it makes you realize that you have come to a different part of the town. Your ultimate goal in We Happy Few is to escape Wellington Wells or you will be killed or made happy again with joy.


When it comes to gameplay, We Happy Few will not disappoint you. It feels like an actual RPG and plays like one too. Since it is a survival RPG, it goes deep as you will have to take care of every aspect of your character such as hunger, thirst and sleep levels. You will have to eat, drink and sleep well in order to survive. Everything else comes later.

There is a good blend of stealth and action mechanics in We Happy Few. You get to choose your approach for encounters however; game recommends that you use stealth as it makes completing tasks and missions easier. There are different civilians around the town but they will not like you much.

This is because people who take Joy do not go well with the downers so you will have to keep a low profile and maintain somewhat distance from people in the town. Any activity that is not normal will attract their attention and they might call the authorities on you. Even running will make them notice you.

There are some pretty neat combat mechanics as well if you manage to get into a fight. You can attack anyone in the game making the missions and objectives much harder so if you want to keep the game easy, we recommend that you keep your trigger finger in your pocket. Stealth will greatly reduce the difficulty of the game.

Engaging in frequent fights will attract more and more attention to you. This will make it difficult for you to complete certain quests as everywhere you go, people will notice you and will take note of your actions.

There is also a decent bit of crafting in the game and you can scavenge different items and materials from the world to craft items. You can scavenge for food, drinks, weapons, ammo and other useful items. You can check the 2017 trailer of We Happy Few showcasing the gameplay below:

Release Date

We have a confirmed release date for the full release of We Happy Few. We Happy Few will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 13, 2018. The game is available for pre-orders now with some pretty neat bonuses.

If you pre-order the game from some selected retailers, you will get 15% off and an exclusive “Jolly Brown Weapon”. There is also a Collector’s Edition on the way for serious game fans.

Since April is not very far now and we have been playing the Early Access version of the game, we cannot wait for the full release of the game. The game looks solid so far and we hope that the full release will be even better.

If you do not want to wait until April to try out the game, you can head to the desired store, download the Early Access version, and try it out for yourself right now.

Let us know your thoughts about We Happy Few in the comments section below. Will you be the getting the game on launch or have you tried the Early Access version of the game!