Everything You Need To Know About Vampyr – Release Date, Story, Gameplay, Combat

There is a serious lack of Vampire games in the market today and Dontdod seems to have noticed it as well. It is clear with their newest title under development Vampyr. If you do not know Dontnod, it is the studio behind Life is Strange and Remember Me. Vampyr looks unlike anything the studio has done before so we are pretty excited about how it will turn out to be.

Everything About DontNod’s Vampyr

Vampyr seeks to set a new standard in the RPG genre by introducing us to the post World War 1 era London where we play as a Doctor who is also a Vampire. The game’s concept looks very appealing and it seems like that the developers have worked very hard to develop the game by taking every little detail into account. You can check Vampyr’s concept trailer below:


Step in the shoes of Jonathan Reid who is the main protagonist of Vampyr. We find Reid in the middle of an early 20th century London recovering from the events of World War I and trying to endure a spreading pandemic of Spanish Flu.

The entire city is torn apart and in a dire state. Reid seems to be living a normal life as a doctor until certain events turn him into a blood-sucking monster. His life is changed and he must find human blood for survival.

The story follows Reid as he tries to survive in the torn city helping out others he deems fit and taking down anyone he does not. His sole purpose in life becomes to unveil the mystery behind his turning.

The fact that during the day you are trying to save people from Spanish Flu while during the night you must hunt down the same people for their blood really tests your morality in the game. You will develop relationships with different people in the game and they will be tested later when you are in need of blood.

As you kill people, they will have effect on your surrounding environment. Killing people give you XP. It is funny that killing innocent people actually give you more XP. Drinking people’s blood also lets you see their past stories which further make you feel bad for killing them.


Vampyr is an RPG with solid gameplay and stealth mechanics. It heavily focuses on your choices and morality. It allows you to tailor the story of the game by allowing you to choose who to sacrifice and who to forgive.

During missions and tasks, you will be needing blood on the go and for that you will have to think of different tactics to find a prey and feed. You will also play as the doctor form of Read, which works at his clinic.

While playing Read as a doctor, you can identify potential victims for later and refuse to treat patients as well. As the vampire, you will have the complete city of 20th century London to explore.

You can explore the streets and different areas each with unique and different NPCs with which you can interact in a number of ways. These citizens can also give you a variety of missions that you can complete.

However, when choosing victims for their blood, if you kill particular people, they will have significant effect on the story and some might even have negative consequences for you. For this, you must always look ahead before taking down different people.

The game features both melee and ranged combat with special vampire abilities that you can use during combat. To use these special vampire abilities, you need to find blood. There is a special blood meter in the game, which shows how much blood you currently have.

On your journey, you will come across different human enemies, vampire hunters and supernatural enemies as well.

There is a fair bit of crafting in the game and you will be able to combine weapons together and create items from scavenged items. You also have the option of combining melee weapons and ranged weapons together for creating more efficient weapons to use in the combat. You can check Vampyr’s gameplay trailer below which shows us proper gameplay of the game:


From the trailers, we can see that Vampyr does not lack in the visual department. The game looks stunning especially when we look at the environment. Dontnod specially said that the focus area while developing Vampyr was to create the perfect environment for the game.

Looking at the game after reading this statement, really gives us the feeling that the game is set in gothic environments and vampires roam free in the environment. The grim and sad feeling is clearly visible in the environment.

The lighting is amazing considering the era of the game. It looks exactly how a game set in the early 20th century London should look like. The details of the characters look amazing while the animations are crisp and smooth.

Environments have been given special attention and every little detail of the game looks high quality. Smoke effects from candle lamps and glowing candle lights really add up to the gothic feel of the game. We can say that the developers have really worked hard on little details. You can check the latest Vampyr trailer below which was shown at E3 2017:

Release Date

Vampyr has been on a rollercoaster when it comes to release dates. It was initially announced back in 2015 with a 2017 release date. It was eventually delayed to 2018 and now the game has again been delayed to the second half of 2018.

We are hoping that this is the last time the game has been delayed because we cannot wait for a decent vampire game and Vampyr seems to be a very decent game so far. Currently, the game is set to release of 5 June 2018 on PS4, Xbox and PC.

Are you excited about Dontnod’s new direction they are taking with Vampyr? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and tell us how you feel about Vampyr.