Here’s What You Can Expect From Crackdown 3 When It Launches In Spring 2018

Crackdown 3 will be heading to Xbox One and PC in spring 2018. It was present at a couple of E3 and Gamescom conferences showcasing the engine and concept of the game, and that Terry Crews’ announcement trailer which you sure as hell want to check out.

The title is sure to be a prominent figure among the Xbox One exclusives this year so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be in the lineup for the Microsoft conference at E3 2018, even though that maybe after its release. To hype up the much anticipated title and latest installment in the hit series, we will discuss whatever we have on this title from Microsoft Studios. With that said, let’s head straight into the details.


Crackdown 3 is an action-adventure open world game set 10 years after the story of Crackdown 2. You play as a Law Enforcement agent in a cyberpunk-ish and futuristic metropolis. Details are little scarce on story at the moment but more details are soon to emerge as we draw closer to the release window of the game. The game will have campaign for solo play and co-operative multiplayer.

The game will mark 7 years since the launch of Crackdown 2 on Xbox 360. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 while also uses features from the Cloudgine and Microsoft Azure for its multiplayer both of which have been core parts of the Xbox One system. These cloud software are used to speed up the physics modelling and rendering in games and this will result in the direct consequence of huge and destructible environments in the game with minimum to no loss in performance of the gameplay.

Developers for the games have been listed as Sumo Digital (known for works on Forza Horizon series and games for Xbox Kinect), Reagent Games (the team behind Crackdown 2), Ruffian Games and Cloudgine.

Gameplay And Core Mechanics

Played from a third-person perspective, Crackdown 3, similar to its previous installments, will retain the sandbox structure of the game with fully destructible environments that can be triggered by the players. This is similar to how players were able to flood whole towns in Battlefield and destroy entire buildings to change the course of the game due to the Levolution featured introduced back in Battlefield 4.

This feature in Crackdown 3 will be fully fleshed in its cooperative multiplayer modes but toned down a little as far as the singleplayer campaign is concerned. Being a genetically enhanced human being in the future, the player will have abilities like increased strength for lifting heavy objects and agility skills which will include jet-packing to destinations; all of this makes the world much more fun to roam (or even fly) around.

It also gives the game a kind of super-hero game vibe, where you can jump to astoundingly high buildings, drive around in vehicles and hunt down bad guys with incredibly powerful firearms and enhanced human abilities. Therefore, players can surely expect some inspirations from one of the more recent games on PS4: Infamous Second Son.

There’s also a newly introduced ‘Hate System’ and it works like this: your goal is to eliminate threats posed in the form of the many underworld crime bosses who will only show up once their territories are claimed and armed forces (or goons, a better way to put it) are taken care of.

As seen in many of the trailers for the game, the glowing orbs from previous games return. As players from the previous series know, these allow you to upgrade your character’s skills, some of which are mentioned above.

These will also allow the player to unlock new weapons and modifications to the armors which in turn will boost defenses against firearms and melee attacks. Some other unique skills which new comers to the series can expect include shockwaves, wing-suits and powerful thrusters, all of which make the combat even more intriguing.

Co-op And Multiplayer

Special attention has also been given to multiplayer section of the game this time around. Using the powerful Xbox cloud technology mentioned earlier, the game is said to have fully destructible environments according to the Microsoft Studios game designer Clint Bundrick who talked about it briefly:

“The development of Crackdown 3 is essentially the story of building two completely unique experiences. We have a brand-new campaign game, playable in single player offline or online co-op for four players, and a multiplayer mode that is built off a never-before-seen technological innovation with 100 per cent destruction.”

Players can expect different game modes like ‘Deathmatch’ and ‘Capture’ certain areas common to many multiplayer games. The lead game designer, Gareth Wilson puts it succinctly as he explains:

“We’ve got this big competitive multiplayer game where you play in a large multiplayer arena, 20-30 minute battles, and the aim of the game is to smash the crap out of their tower, and they have to destroy your tower before the time runs out.”

As for Co-op part of the game, the trailers outline the basic concept where they show how team-play based objectives may be achieved. As shown, to bring down a Crime Lord’s fortress, one agent drives a truck covered in explosives, another one using controlled explosions to create ramps and pathways while the third one takes a sniping position to shoot down explosive items to create large-scale carnage. The game will support 4-player co-op and has an entire campaign dedicated to it.

Visuals And Graphics

Set in a near-future world, the game boasts visuals and a color palette similar to most of the blockbuster sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, and more recently the television series by Netflix titled ‘Altered Carbon’. Cel-shaded or toon-shaded visuals return marking the signature style of the previous installments in the series.

This basically gives the game a comic-book type feel, a genre which the Game Creator, Dave Jones is a huge fan of. On a technical scale, the game benefits from the huge power of the Xbox One system and is sure to be fluid in its animations and rich graphics. You do not want to miss those brightly lit buildings with huge neon signs which make up for some eye-catching visuals. For a better understanding of how the game plays, watch this video:

Do note that actual stream starts 10 minutes into the video. And of course, how can we forget that amazing E3 2017 trailer featuring Terry Crew which you can watch here:

This is all we have on Crackdown 3 currently but be sure to head over to for more information on the game when it officially releases this spring.